Help nedded to get the best titan team,raid team and defending team

Hi all,

I’m new to this forum and I wonder if somebody can tell me some tips to achieve best results by creating titan team, raid team ad defending team with the heroes in the attached screenshot.


My thoughts on Titan team are here: Question about Titan squad - #2 by Kerridoc


you don’t need a dispeller. Titans don’t buff themselves.

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Good point, @Revelate, that thinking was a combo Titan/raid team. Style of play is moving towards lots of buffs (Ares, Alberich), so a debuff for raids is becoming more critical.

Agreed. I’m also not Revelate. :sunglasses:


You just wish you were :slight_smile:

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hehe the appropriate response to that would definitely be flagged as “inappropriate”. :wink: