Help my Friend - Watchtower

I want to know how much food i need to upgread watchtower last level 20 ??

@Rook or @Coppersky may be able to help. The wiki only goes to level 10 so I can’t help you out.


I know now how much thanks

@Rook, @Coppersky,
I’ve built a series of tables for all level-able things except heroes. The only thing missing is the watchtower from level 10 on. The info in page seems questionable and is missing everything below level 10.
Do either of you have a complete list for watchtower upgrades, or know of one?

My alliance, like many others, likes to have this info on hand as our new players work their way up.

Thanks in advance!

Elven Archer

I’ve been trying to sort this one out. The food, time, and gems to skip are always the same for levelling up the watchtower. However the gains to food and iron production will vary depending on how many outposts you have. To simplify this I’ve already requested the base numbers for levelling up the watchtower from @Petri. I’m hoping to get this soonish as things with season two settles down. I figured I’d take the simplest route for this one!

I would very much like to see your tables though! I’ve been updating/confirming info on Dragone’s Wiki as I can, but I’m also trying to get the Compendium updated and on a mobile friendly layout. I’ll pm you about that…