Help, my account is lost


Help. I had to delete and reload my game after it crashed. Now I can’t get my account back.


Don’t panic! There’s one thing to check/try first yourself, and then you’ve got Small Giant Support to help you.

First make sure that Google Play (Android) or Game Center (iOS) is logged into the same account that you were using with your previous account. If you created/used another login I’d suggest removing the game again -then set up your old account again on Game Center/Google Play - then download the game again. (Just trying to prevent you signing into your old GP or GC account and the new Empires account saving and overwriting your old Empires account.)

Just go to the official Quick Help and FAQ. It has the link to support, and lists the information that you should send with your recovery request. Giving this information in your original message will help expedite the process. It may take a few days for your request to be processed.

Any other questions feel free to leave a note here!