Help! My account disappeared during data transfer! What do I do?

Help my account disappeared during data transfer. What do I do? Please give me some insight/remedies!

Can you elaborate a bit more?

Yes more info please. In the mean time check the help function in the games options there are a few topics regarding data transfer.

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Sign into google or Facebook is yah best options

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I got a new phone. I transferred all my data over and my E&P account didn’t come over this time. This has never happened before, as I have had new phones before and it always comes across smoothly.

Can contact support… If your still having issues.

Have you tried entering a code? Hopefully you can still log onto the game on your old phone; this is what I had to do when I switched:

Log into the game then go to options (cog wheel on the bottom). Then go to ‘link to an ios device’, and then ‘create a code’. This will generate a code to input in game on your new phone.

You have to trudge through the tutorial again in game on your new phone before you can access the options, but once you can get to it you choose ‘link to an ios device’ and then ‘input code’ and enter the code that was generated.

Good luck


You do realise that doesn’t work at all. Right? :slightly_smiling_face: