Help me with this mess!- Hero advice needed

Aloha everyone,
Im trying to plan my next move. I placed a picture with my heros that im trying to put into teams for raids, wars, titans, etc. Im now getting flustered with too many choices (i know… boo hoo). Can anyone help me arrange solid teams for each type of battle?

Thank you in advance!

Start with the first listed for each color

Yellow: Wu Kong, Joon
Purple: Tiburtus, Sabina
Blue: Grimm, Richard
Green: Caedmon, Horghall
Red: Azlar, Scarlett

Raid defense: Joon - Sabina - Azlar - Caedmon, Grimm

Titan attack: banner or hope for Boldtusk/Kiril
Grimm - Sabina - Wu Kong - Caedmon - Scarlett
(leave home the weak color and double the strong one, keep Wu Kong even vs yellows)


Whatever you do I would definitely move Joon away from your center raid defense. A 2 60 Joon can be one shot in 4 tiles with Rigard/Renfeld combo making that a very poor center.

Great advice, inusually have Horghall in the center with delilah and gormek flanking him hiding sabina and joon. Not sure why he comes up in the middle… will fix right away!

I was thinking that little john would be good for raid defense rather caedmon because of his dmg to all enemies with -50 mana regen. Thoughts?

What I’ve noticed when raiding is that little John is to slow on mana. Try fast hero’s for raiding

Youre right, thats actually why i was moving away from horghall. Thank you

Slow heroes only work out as center on bad boards against skilled players.

Little John is a slow hero with low defense and hp, most of the times it’ll die without fire his special on defense. In that case fast raw damage (and dispell) could be better than his AoE.

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