Help me with my third 5* ascension :)

I just purchased my 3rd tome ever since I started playing the game and trying to figure out who to take to final ascension. I’m attaching my main team and the options of heroes.

My options are:

Ursena, atomos, Ariel, Ranvir, hel, elkanen, tarlak, yunan, frida, Marjana, alice, seshat, Vivica



My vote would normally be for Hel, but that family bonus sure is nice!

Overall - Ariel is your best choice

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Agreed. 5* healers are amazing. Hel is really good, no doubt… but her mana control can be used for events at 3/70. I’d also vote for Ariel.

Ascended Ariel as suggested! Since there’s a tome event coming up in 20 days, who would you guys suggest for my #4?

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I would go with Ursena after Ariel. Just my opinion.

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I was thinking ursena too, for the family bonus. Excited to finally have a strong defense team :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this team looks bad to bone. Very hard to fight. :slight_smile:

Hel and definitely Hel.

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