Help Me With My Heroes

So, I am playing this game for a couple months now. I checked a lot of guides about heroes, saw a “heroes grades” by Anchor and so on.
But I want to ask your opinion about which heroes would make the best raid and defence teams.

I have folowing heroes:

Misandra (blue) 59lvl , 3 acend
Aegir (blue) 0lvl , just got it

Li Xiu (light) 48lvl, 3 acend
Kiril (blue) 9lvl, 3 acend
Little John (green) 60lvl, 4 acend
Melendor (green) 0lvl
Tiburtus (dark) 39lvl, 2 acend
Rigard (dark) 0lvl

Bane (light) max
Nashgar (red) max
Azar (red) max
Hawkmoon (red) max
Ulmer (blue) max
Valen (blue) 0lvl
Karil (blue) 0lvl
Tyrum (dark) 35 lvl , 2 acend
Balthazar (dark) 24lvl , 2 acend
Chochin (dark) 0lvl
Friar Tuck (green) 44lvl , 3 acend
Mnesseus (green) 13lvl, 2 acend
Carver (green) 0lvl

All answers are appreciated!

You have limited options as of now. If I were to make a raid attack team: Melendor, Misandra, Tiburtus, Kiril, Little John in that order. You can replace Melendor with Rigard if you need cleanse or if you are defending. I wouldn’t prioritize defense though. Keep farming, raiding and killing titans. That is how you grow.

Let me start off by agreeing with:

First some general advice.

Having multiple options available (multiple ascended heroes) will increase the effectiveness of your gameplay. Finishing events, special quests, winning raids and war battles and scoring well in titan fights all depend on what heroes you take into the fight.

When I realised this I made the decision not to ascend any 5* heroes before I had my bench of 3* and a couple of 4* heroes ready to fight with. I would only ascend a 5* hero if I did not have another choice or if the 5* hero would be an awesome addition.

An example: the only 5* hero i brought to 2/60 early on was Aeron, because I lacked another healer besides Belith and Hawkmoon.

Some good advice on how to progress effeciently. That being said; let’s look at your list.

For now I would upgrade Misandra to 3-70 and focus on ascending Kiril to 4/80. Besides his healing ability he also increases your attack and defense, which is useful for both defending and attacking.

As you do not have another 4* green hero, go with Melendor. You’ll have two available healers then; Kiril and Melendor.

Gormek, Grimm and Tiburtus (Wilbur) are necessary heroes for your attacking team, because they lower the defense of 3 targets. This boosts your next special attacks and tile hits with a significant amount! Finish Tiburtus first, then Rigard.

I’m no big fan of any 4* yellow, except Wu Kong. Li Xiu is a fine mid-tier hero for defense teams. Continue to ascend him.

You do not have a red 4* hero, so I would use the red feeders along with the blue feeders on Misandra right now. Speed up her progress and work on Kiril.

Tyrum, Balthazar, Mnesseus and Friar Tuck are three 3* heroes I would also ascend. Pretty useful for events. So will be Belith, Brienne, Berden as green heroes.

Raid defense
Ideally you want your strongest heroes here with special skills, which compliment each other. Also a rainbow team pays off better in most cases.

I would not yield a rainbow defense team with your current set of heroes, because you lack a 4* red hero. I would try for now:

Kiril - Tiburtus - Li Xiu - Little John (or Melendor) - Misandra

Or yield 2 purples as flank:

Misandra - Tiburtus - Li Xiu - Rigard - Little John

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