Help me with my Defense Team

I finally able to enter Gold Arena with my few recently ascended heroes.

Unfortunately I am having problem staying in Gold. Thus I need help in a few suggestion to work around my Defense Team.

These are what I have in my rosters now…

I would greatly appreciate any help and suggestions…

Thanks everyone…

Grimm Boldie Li Proteus Lianna


In Gold your healers will actually fire soo… here’s where I’m going

Caedmon - Boldtusk - Grimm - Lianna - Proteus

Grimm should fire because people don’t stack as much in gold. His defense down lasts 6 turns. I don’t care if he dies after that. Boldtusk will buff and heal your hitters long enough. Lianna at 3/70 is going to 1 shot everyone she hits in that cup range and those buffs/debuffs. Proteus is still weak defense so he goes in the corner but in a drawn out fight, his mana stop can buy you time. Caedmon, fast in the other corner, gives the other team time to get their buffs up before he gets rid of them.


Totally agree with this ^^


In my honest opinion, if you are going for a rainbow defence team, I would focus on
Li Xiu and
Rigard ( for healing )
But get them all to max and put emblems on them for now
Proteus is a bit too weak in a defence role unless he carries emblems
Max out Lianna and then swap out Caedmon

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I used this strategy… and since last night I’ve been faring quite good.

Thank you @LucasDaoc and also everyone for your help and suggestion. Really appreciate it!

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