Help me with my defense (5*)

I’m having problems to choose what to do with my allt. There are some very nice 5* heroes and even some materials for them but I seems to be locked with my thoughts.

Maxed…others are:
Seshat… working with Ursena and she is going to have tabards. Grimble and Domitia are waiting 3/70.

Rana… Neith, Joon and Musashi are waiting 3/70.

Finley and Arthur… Vela and Magni are waiting 3/70.

Kingston and Morgan… I just gave tonics to Telluria, Kadilen and Gregorian are waiting 3/70.

Grazul… JF and Elena are waiting 3/70. I have rings.

So red is really problem colour but would JF or Elena bring something better to team than Grazul?

If I’m tanking with Telluria, should I flank her with Ursena and kick Seshat out?

Should Neith, Joon or Mush get darts and replace Rana?

I believe Vela is superior to Magni, but what about Finley? Who is top blue dog?

What would you do with these heroes? Thank you for reading and I would really appreciate your thoughts :heart:

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Fin Grazzy Telly Vela Sesh


that would just not be a fun team to raid against. tel getting helped by grazul… would probably go into the tie breaker mode every time :rofl:


Thank you @Olmor.

So you think Grazul should stay and Rana go? I don’t see Grazul as a big deal (probably because I can send Arthur, Finley and Kiril+19 to hunt her myself). You think she has more credits than JF?

With Vela, Rana and JF there is possibility for really nasty DoT-defense. But your setting is also interesting, I didn’t even think about it that way.

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Yes, your holy heroes aren’t that threatening, so leave em out and stack blue, since almost everyone will take reds against Telly.


Omg. You are genius. Has anyone told you that today :balloon:


I am having trouble understanding who is maxed and who isn’t in your post, if I am honest.

when ursena is maxed though, I would use her.

right now going heavy on dot heroes is trending but it’s also easily countered by a ton of heroes like grazul, zim, costumed rigard, etc. I dont think it’s a great strategy personally.


Thank you for answering.

Those left side … are maxed
Those right side … are 3/70.

Dots are truly trendy now, but you are right. It only takes Rigard to turn tables.

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