Help me - which hero to ascend

Winter finally brought me my 4th warm cape. :smiley:

I have only two 4star blue heroes - Boril and Sonya.

It seems like it’s gonna be a while until I have 4 capes again…

So who to ascend to max? I’m leaning towards Boril, because my team right now is Danzaburo - Boril - Ares - Lil John - Wilbur

But I’m missing direct damage and Sonya is perfect with fast mana and awesome strike…

So what are your advices? Go ahead!

I’d take Sonya for her debuff and strike.

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The interesting moment is that Sonya and WIlbur work strangely together. I found his spirit link to enemies to be more useful than annoying, since I can massive destroy them with Lil John aoe attack. And Sonya dispells that.
Not sure what to do, really lol

Dispelling the enemies spirit link doesn’t take away they’re 63% defense down. They’re very vulnerable to being picked off piece by piece when not linked together to spread the damage.

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