Help me to form a 5* defense team


Please help to form the best defense team out of my heroes.



Do you have more 4*? You won’t have a good 5* team unless you get all them to last ascension.


I need to form a team first in order to decide who to ascend. I just want to know what final team I can make from my heroes then focus on ascending them only.


Do you have all the material to put a rainbow team maxed? If not go with your 4* first.

Anyway i like the formation below

Joon, Isarnia, GM, Alasie, Khiona


I would mostly agree to it, but I think it lacks a Red Hood kind of healer, maybe in place of Isarnia.


For defense i personally don’t like healers.


Long term, assuming you max each of these heroes, I’d go with:

Joon, Red Hood, Alasie, Gravemaker, Greg in that order.

My personal bias is towards fast SS snipers.

  1. Red Hood is your only 5* healer therefore I feel she has to go in the team even though I don’t particularly like her as a healer.

  2. Gravemaker just hits all 3 of his targets hard, very quickly. He’s the no-brainer choice to add to your team.

  3. Joon, Alasie & Greg are good snipers (single target hitters). Leo is not quite as good as Joon, because of his SS speed. Obakan & Elk, while they are fast hitters, don’t hit a single target as well as any of the other three do. Khiona is better than Obakan but is maybe just a step behind the other three. Khiona has a lot more potential for a titan team because she boosts tile damage. Remember that raids are about using SS damage and not necessarily counting on tile damage.

  4. Put Alasie as the tank, though she’s not particularly suited to be a tank, just so that you can flank her with the two complimentary reds.

Mind you this defense is offense heavy in the spirit of the cliche, “The best defense is a good offense.” This is because the materials, time and effort you put into maxing these heroes is simply not justified if all you want is a raid defense team. If you max these heroes, you will have a very versatile core of an offensive raid bench and a better than average raid defense.

If you want to build a defense that actually focuses on defense and hit points, your best tank is Richard. Justice, Isarnia, Red Hood, & Horghall would round out that team.


Thanks guys. I will focus on ascending the SS snipers.


Let me a second to @Bane: you will have a stronger team faster you build 4* heroes first. 5* are great when they are done, but even with many maxed 5*, I still almost always bring 1-3 4* heroes into fight for their unique skills.


I happen to agree with Bane that I personally don’t like healers in defense team. I want everyone of them to attack. That’s why I tend to go for the all 5* team.