Help me to find my alliance

I used to joined a alliance to fight titans and alliance wars together, yesterday I lost my original account because I can not restore my previous backup after update iOS version to 11.3, I don’t remember my alliance’s name, if any alliance leader or member see a member named “alexw1003” or something close with same polar bear face, please let me know, thank you very much, hope you guys have a nice day!

Hi Alex,

Post a message in the recruitment chat. You may have better chance than in the forum.


Contact, spg, they may be able to restore your account


As Talisax says, maybe SG can help?

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If you saved to game center or google play then they 99.9% can get your account back. In fact, you may be able to do that by simply signing in to whichever you use and opening up the app.

Actually, things are little awkward here, there are two different record in my account, one is in game center, which I think that maybe because play with my cell phone before, the other one’s in my ipad which is I’m playing all the time, every time when I start to play, system will ask which one I want to play with…

BTW, what is SG or SPG?

Guys, thanks for the reply.

SG = Small Giant.

Contact support and they may be able to help.