Help me to build my Best team?

For the first time I did a summon x10 and I received several good 4*.

What would be the best team?
5*: 2x Aeron
4*: Rigard, Kelile, Sonya, Kiril, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, Boril, BoldTuik
3*: Berden, Bane, Isshtak, Jahangir, Squire wabbit, Kailani, Nashgar, Gunnar, Dawa

Currently my team is:
Rigard, Kelile, Sonya, Berden, Bane

Extra question: I have 2 Aerons - what do I do with the second one???

Sell it on ebay.

20 characters.

You need 30 heros for Alliance Wars, so keep them all and ascend in order. I was stupid to get rid of a second Sonya. :frowning:

You are lucky to have 3 best 4* healers. :slight_smile:

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Any preference to level up first or second? :slight_smile:

What is your current team’s Level? Can you screen shot? (Helps to know how high these are before advising you to level one over another)…

Hold on to the second Aeron. if only as an unleveled alliance wars character.

For a team, I’d be working toward:

Kiril, Merlin, Rigard, Lancelot, Sonya

Generally speaking I don’t like having like colors next to each other, but you’ve got no green or yellow 4*s, so it’s unavoidable. Kiril over Boldtusk is a tough call, but I think kiril in this case because Lancelot will give the higher attack bonus to the right side. Nice to have kiril’s defense buff…

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Good , I’ll first lvl up my team max and work towards the second one

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