Help me spend my remaining emblems wisely

Hi all. So currently I have a Defensive and AW team that has the same heroes in the lineup. They are as follows: Zeline, Magni, Kunchen, Drake, GM. I really like this particular lineup as it gives me a good deal of flexibility, speed, and survivability. On autopilot it has very little problem keeping me well inside the Diamond bracket. All of my emblems for these heroes are being utilized here, that being Wizard, Figher, Cleric, Monk, and Barbarian.

That does however leave me 5 other sets of hero emblems, and this is where my problem and question arises. I’m just not sure where I should spend them that they will give me the most bang for the buck while also offering a greater range of flexibility for potential defensive changes, and maximizing my attack potential in Raids, AW, and Titans.

Of those heroes, I have the following and I am only going to list 5* and that I already have fully ascended as I’m fully of the opinion that is where you can get the most benefit (convince me I’m wrong if you truly believe so and can back it up with a very strong and compelling argument).

Druid: Ranvir, Zimkitha
Paladin: Ares, Frida, King Arthur, Perseus
Ranger: Athena, Evelyn, Gregorian, Lianna, Seshat
Rogue: Inari, Domitia
Sorcerer: Natalya, Ursena

Right now, my thinking is that I should lean toward a rainbow option here with each class representing a different color. Admittedly, I’m not sure if that would actually net me the best results however. In Druid, Ranvir see’s more use certainly as he’s always in my Titan lineup as he’s the most effective power buffer I have. Not nearly as effective on offense though, and I’m not sure my Titan damage would see that much more increase with dumping all my Druid emblems into him as opposed to Zimkitha who IMHO is a much better overall hero and might help my offensive potential in AW far more which I think might be a greater asset. So I’m leaning toward Zim here.
As for Paladin, Ares is pretty solid, and is good no matter where you put him. This leads me to my color problem though as I’m already leaning toward Zim. Frida is solid, but I’m not sure is worthy of emblems especially at an average speed for what she does. King Arthur is very good on offense and Titans, and not half bad on defense either. Perseus… Meh. Great utility in shutting down heals, but lacks sadly in every other aspect (It’s too bad SG never gave him the love a HotM with such a legendary name deserves). I find myself leaning toward KA here.
Ranger I have a bevy of choices, none of them bad. Leaning toward Evelyn though, although Seshat keeps giving me a knowing stony smirk every time I think Evelyn is my final choice.
Rogue, I can think of no reason to not go with Inari. Domitia is just too plain and basic of a hero to dump a truck load of emblems into.
And lastly, Sorcerer, and this one is a tough one. Ursena I believe is the better hero overall, but Natalya is a great equalizer against so many of the high level players that utilize Alby and Mother North to keep their teams coming back from the dead. But again, I run into a color issue here and I also have no big across the board hitters like Ursena of all of my ascended heroes.

So right now I’m thinking of selecting Zimkitha, King Arthur, Evelyn, Inari and Ursena. Not a bad team at all if grouped up together (which isn’t the objective here, but certainly doesn’t hurt my decision making process). But, I find myself second guessing myself and just can’t bring myself to make the oh so valuable and consuming resource commitment as of yet, which is why I’m here. Please, share your thoughts.

This probably won’t be overly satisfactory an answer to your long post but:

My advice with emblems is always emblem what you use.

There’s not a right or wrong way of using emblems. You’re best served by the emblems in making the heroes you use (or want to use) most even better.

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