Help me! Something is wrong with my game!

I’m not receiving the normal pop-up screens when I open my game.(elemental summon,Atlantis rising,raid log).I was just reminded of the winter fun calander by an alliance member, don’t have that either.I don’t have any special offers on screen, including the Atlantis token offer that usually stays on screen during Atlantis rising.In addition,I’m not receiving war prep notifications or notifications ivolving alliance members joining/leaving.I didn’t know how to search for an issue so broad so I made a new topic.Thanks!


If you haven’t tried it turn off your device then turn it back on.
Then open the game again.


No change. I’m honestly perplexed


I guess I would submit a ticket.
I’ll also tag @zephyr1 to see if he knows anything about it.
I imagine it’s pretty frustrating.

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Stupid question.Do I just reply with @zephyr1 ?

There are no stupid questions.
I just tagged zephyr because you have tried to close and reopen the game etc.
I usually try not to tag the moderators but in this situation I’m sure he won’t mind.
In the meantime I would send a support ticket to let them know about your problem.

I hope you get this figured out.

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And possibly somebody else will chime in that can offer some optional advice.

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I unfortunately have no idea what would cause that.

I sometimes see people report missing icons for offers like the Winter Calendar, but I don’t recall ever seeing someone having all popups and offers totally disappear.

@TRAGICSAVIOR I’d suggest submitting a support ticket: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

Unfortunately, with the weekend and holidays, it may take longer than usual to get a reply.


Ticket submitted.Thanks,guys!


Also says I have an update in Playstore but it keeps saying something went wrong when I actually try and update.

Cleared the data on my playstore app and everything is back to normal.Just wanted to let you know in case someone else pops up with the same problem.Thanks again guys!


E resolveu? Pq eu estou com o mesmo problema. Não aparece nenhuma promoção pra mim.

Yes.This resolved my issue

I never get tired of this suggestion as “support” is unsupported on on my device🤪

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