Help me retool my whole Friggin team

My defense team has been more or less stable since I lucked out last Christmas and got both Santa and Mother North from a 10-pull: MN - Sartana - Santa - Vela - Joon

I got Frigg on a bonus pull when she was HOTM and will max her out in the next few days - I also have enough rogue emblems to take her to level 9 or 10 immediately - so I’m thinking of making her my tank, because Slow Santa just isn’t doing it for me any more, even with a 4* mana troop.

Should I just replace Santa with Frigg and leave the others as they are? Or should I redo my whole Friggin team?

My 5* roster

And just in case it’s relevant, my 4* roster:

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Leave santa out of league.

U have awesome roster.

Don’t bench jabberwock he is an A+.

Here’s my suggestion:



Santa is either tank or bust IMO. His skill is very punishing, but he is slow and any other position but tank he’s easy to recover from.

I think Frigg is a better tank anyways. I would do what @mogulemon suggested except tweak it like so:

Mother North | Vela | Frigg | Onatel | Jabberwock

This avoids class conflicts with Jabberwock and Joon.


Like, they’re unruly for the teacher :thinking:


Would you go as far as resetting Santa’s emblems and giving them to Jabberwock?

If you don’t plan on using santa on defense, then I would. Starting defense team gets all the love and attention first.

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Jabberwocky deserves Santa’s emblems for sure. Jabberwocky is more useful and dangerous just about everywhere.


Frigg was not a HOTM

Absolutely give those emblems to Jabber.

Jabberwock is a great wing! I would definitely give Santa emblems to Jabberwock. Like other people in this thread, my suggestion is:
MN, Vela, Frigg, Onatel, Jabberwock

I think this says it all

I followed your advice:

Thanks, everyone!

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