Help me put up a stellar defense

He guys,

Help me create a stellar defense. All your suggestions are welcomed. Here’s what I got, can’t wait to hear from you:

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You’ve got multiple options.

Alby Drake Ursl Ariel Queen

Alby Sesh Guin Ariel Marja

Alby Puss Ursl Inari Missy


Hi @Diamondbus, I agree with @Olmor suggestions. And wish that I had your heroes, LOL!

What @Olmor said plus this:


I’d do

Alby Kage Guin Ursena Queen

Queen with a red mana troop if possible, the faster she fires the more annoying because Guin and flanks are already a handful

And Alby is hopefully left alone to do his tricks before the raider realises


Alby Sesh Guin Urs QoH

Sesh > Kage for me as she’s better for longer and waaaay harder to kill after her minions get going

The only question there is QoH - id replace her with your first top tier fast or very fast sniper that’s not purple - Lianna or Kingston would be ideal


Alby Kage Guin Sesh Puss

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