Help me prove a point – grid calling system in wars

Thanks @Rook and @Rigs ,truly reached wizard status of the forums. Thanks for taking the time.


HMMM I am the leader and I am always C6

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Well your c6 on the blue side

You’d be c1 when opponent looks at it…

It mirrors

I’m sure when you look at last opponent you faced(which u still can right now i believe)

You’ll see lead in C1

I looked at the Battle field placement and I do not think they have it right at all.
Me leader always c-6 my next in alliance and moved to co-leader and my strongest team mate is always on back row somewhere.

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You, as leader will always be in the centre front row, facing the opposition. Depending on the grid reference this position could be C6, if A1 is the top left hand cell fartherest from the opposition, or could be C1 if A1 is the bottom left hand cell. I hope that makes sense? :confounded:.