Help me prioritize ascensions

Hey y’all. I’m looking for feedback on who to ascend when.

I just bumped Delilah up to the next level but will need to wait for some poison darts and orbs to max her out.

I can ascend Marjana, but I heard people on this forum say Boldtusk is essential for Titan battles. Should I spend the hidden blades to work on him first?

How about Tiburtus? He would give me the benefit of a defense down skill that’s more effective against Green titans than Grimm’s. He also would be helpful in the Knights of Avalon event which reflects Grimm’s attacks.

Then of course I have plenty of 3 stars to level and help with Wars. But perhaps leveling some of my 4 stars as much as possible would be better to do first?

Please share your thoughts and expertise.

Seems like you’ve already got it covered tbh.
Marj and Elena both seem great, maybe someone more well-informed can advise on which of those to go for, but Boldtusk and Tiburtus are priorities.


Boldtusk first - he is so versatile

My guess is you’ll be waiting on the rings for Marjana for a while and by then you can probably have enough blades to take her to tier 4.

Keep pumping up Delilah but I also would work Tiburtus. I mean in general keep building your 4* folks.

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You have an enviable roster of heroes. To advise you sensibly, I need to know your ascension materials count.

The rule of thumb is that you’ll get about three 3* mats (hidden blades) for each 4* mat (mystic rings). Depending on your counts, I’d push on Boldtusk, assuming that you’ll get more blades before you have all the rings for Marjana.

A really important cluster of heroes is Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek. Their defense debuff skill is very valuable. Developing all three is worthwhile.

I’m a firm believer in training in same color. Your green feeders should be going to Little John.


Thank you! Sometimes I get salty about never scoring an event hero, but you’re right that I have a pretty cool assortment.

Here’s my current stock of ascension mats:

I like doing same color feeding as well, which is why I have a bunch of random levels on people, but I got really excited about my first HOTM and have dumping everything into her.

Thanks for the pics.

I would generally work on 4* over 3*. Even at 3/60, a 4* is better than a maxed 3*, as a general matter. Work on 3* when you’ve run out of same-color training on 4* or 5*.

I agree with your push on Delilah. She’s an interesting healer, and you need more there. You have been unlucky getting orbs, so she looks to be on track for mats. And I’m not a big fan of Chao, but if you get Delilah to 3/70 and don’t have 6 darts, start him.

Marjana vs Boldtusk— I’d get Boldtusk up first. Healers are vital in alliance wars and his attack buff is very valuable against titans. 4* take much less resource than 5* to develop. You MAY get the rings before you get 7 more blades, but Boldtusk is so good it’s not a worry. Marjana is absolutely worth ascending after BT.

As I said earlier, you can’t go far wrong getting Grimm, Tibertus and Gormek maxed. Gormek after BT and Marjana, but keep him in your queue.