Help me prioritise! What should I level and ascend?

Welcome to the forums. I would advise you to check this link out for general advice:

Now to your specific issues.

  1. I’d ignore working on 5* heroes for now, unless they are close to reaching a stopping point. I’d be okay with taking Neith to 2.60, for example. I’d leave any 5* at a max of 2.60, and I’d not work on any you haven’t really gotten going yet, that means Magni for now. Pushing them aside for 3* and 4* will give you more options, and by exploring more heroes, you will figure out what you like.

  2. Being heavy on healers is the antithesis of a problem. You want to keep at least one of every healer hero you get.

  3. I think you’d be well served by organizing your teams so you have one team that is the heroes you are actively working on. I recommend that it be either your first team or your second team so they appear near the top.

  4. You have some not very good heroes. Karil ( the bald guy withbeard) and Renfeld aren’t very good. Sadly, Renfeld has been leveled - hang on to him for now, but Karil is food with that roster. Feed him to Kiril, and then the name issue disappears.

  5. You may be a little short on space for feeders. If you find it begins to annoy you, feel free to use some gems to buy space.

  6. I’d work on one of each color for now.

Yellow: Neith to 2.60, then Kailani to max, she’s good at trials and events. I see no need for a second Wu Kong - and I have a second one maxed. Maybe you end up needing him due to a lack of Yellows, but I doubt it. You can hold him for now.

Blue: Dwarves work. Kiril to 3.70, then Boril for me. Gato is pretty useful, and easy to max out, feel free to do him third.

Red: Definitely Wilbur, then Kellie or Rudolph.

Green: I’d get Melendor to 3.60. Then probably Muggy and Little John. |

Purple: Rigard to 3.60 first, then revisit after you finish that.

I’m sure others will have other opinions, but that’s what I’d recommend. I tend to try to plan 2-3 heroes per color out, but often, one ends up short of projects.