Help me pls

Pls help who i need to up grade first
G.jackal at 3.60 or
Delilah at 3.46

Depends on who else you have, what you want to use them for, and whether you have all the materials for Delilah

To elaborate, they fill very different roles. Delilah is a very durable hero, but not very fast. Jackal is a very fast hitter, but he is fragile. A glass cannon.

If you have the 6 darts go for dalilah as you’re close to 70/3. Jackal can be used for purple titans and events.

As of now for jackal i have all material needed. For delilah still need to dart . So do i need to wait for the dart or go ahead for jackal. Also now my merlin is ready to up grade now his 3.40 n i have complete iteam but i also have tiburtus who do i need to go first pls thanks

Jackal will help you completing events and dealing more damage on titans: It’ll make you “rich”.

Go with him first and never look back!
Same story with Tiburtus, even if Merlin could allow you to “cheat” with mana potions vs event’s bosses.

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Shiloh Desert is up for that dart. Since Darts are hard to come by I say Delilah. 5* are already hard enough to ascend and by the time you max her you should have another orb or two. Delilah has more range of purpose while Jackal is more of the offensive threat

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Thanks u guy yur all the best thanks

I would ensure that you have a stable of 4* heroes first to complete the legendary and epic levels on teh monthly challegne events… this as stated above will make you rich…

I ascended Merlin prior to Tiburtus and if I had it to do over again… who knows, they are both very good.

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