Help me please, with the ToL offer payment

Today I’ve purchased the first 2 offers from the ToL. Trying to purchase the 3rd one and it refused the payment, saying to change the method. I’ve cheked my PayPal account and all seemed ok. I’ve purchased the daily 100 gems to see if it all works as expected: the payment had been accepted. The I re-try to purchase the ToL offer and it refused again. How is it possible? Please, could someone help me?

You need to contact the support via the support ticket.

It happened to me once also that a payment was ‘blocked’ somehow at Google level and it didn’t allow me to proceed, same as in your case.

Support told me it was some kind of rare bug and they fixed it although it took couple hours. These offers will be with us for few more days so you are definitely not going to miss them.


Thx Bunny. But how is it possible that payment is blocked for ToL and not for the SHOP?

Don’t ask me how exactly, heh, but it probably has something to do with the fact they have the “x at stock” limit, so my guess is they need to count how many you bought already and how many you have remaining, so you do not go over the limit. If something stucks with the counter, it won’t let you buy next because it doesn’t know if you have any purchases available.

I’m also unable to purchase the offer. For me it’s the first one.

I’ve contacted the support and opened a ticket as Bunny suggested: no official reply from the team still, but now I can purchase the offer.

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