Help me please! Which class revive takes precedent?

  • Summoning minion: If minion is summoned with 10% of caster attack, is that mean base attack stat? or current attack (with buff/debuff)?
  • Which one has priority to revive? Fighter class ability or hero ability like a muggy/atomos?
  • Health conditional to make effect: if caster needs to have less/more health than enemy to make effect his special, is that means proportionally low Hp or numeric low Hp?

staff, help me to solve my doubt =(

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I’m also wondering which types of revive take priority. Theres the fighter class talent, self revivers like Tyr and Atomos, and necromancers like Muggy, Shadereave, and Marie-Therese…

As I understand it:

Self Revive (from buff) > Fighter Class > Transformation Heroes (Muggy etc…) > Full-blown revivers (Heimdall, Mother North & Alberich).


In my experience with Tyr, his fighter revive ability has never triggered when his special revive ability has been active. Tyr is the only fighter with a self revive buff, so make of this what you will.

Atomos has too

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Atomos is a Barbarian, not a fighter.

Base attack stat as shown in the card (includes emblems) + troops + defender bonus (if the summoner summons minions).

  1. Game checks for Immortal buff first Immortal
  2. If no immortal, it checks if Fighter Revive talent triggers
  3. If it doesn’t trigger, it checks for reborn effects (bruise bro BruiseBro_1, druagr Druagr Blessing or zombie Zombie)

@Guvnor just FYI I edited your post to indicate the correct revive precedence (immortal self revive buff is checked before Fighter talent always). I noted this while I was testing Tyr back when he was introduced in beta first.

For the fighter talent, I’ve noticed in raid tournaments vs Muggy that he has revived before via Fighter talent, without his chameleon mode taking effect even though his buff is active.

As another piece of information, revive buffs don’t stack together either. So don’t try using Marie with Tyr:

Numeric for effects like Ranvir’s and Miki’s.

Proportional only applies for skills that rely on the enemy HP (such as Kage’s or Fenrir’s skills).


thank you!!

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