Help me please! Which class revive takes precedent?

  • Summoning minion: If minion is summoned with 10% of caster attack, is that mean base attack stat? or current attack (with buff/debuff)?
  • Which one has priority to revive? Fighter class ability or hero ability like a muggy/atomos?
  • Health conditional to make effect: if caster needs to have less/more health than enemy to make effect his special, is that means proportionally low Hp or numeric low Hp?

staff, help me to solve my doubt =(

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I’m also wondering which types of revive take priority. Theres the fighter class talent, self revivers like Tyr and Atomos, and necromancers like Muggy, Shadereave, and Marie-Therese…

As I understand it:

Fighter Class > Self Revive > Transformation Heroes (Muggy etc…) > Full-blown revivers (Heimdall, Mother North & Alberich).


In my experience with Tyr, his fighter revive ability has never triggered when his special revive ability has been active. Tyr is the only fighter with a self revive buff, so make of this what you will.

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