Help me pick my next project

Okay, I finally am done with Hansel (4.70), and I need a new green project. Please help me figure out who is best to work on next.

I currently have:
Hansel (4.70)
Brienne (3.60)
Berden (3.60)
Carver (3.60)
Isshatak (3.25) - didn’t have any other green options when I started him

Brienne-C (2.30) - stopped this to work on Hansel
Hisan (1.1)
Muggy (1.1)
Little John (1.1)

Carver was my first 3* green. I am tempted to finish off Brienne’s costume next. After that I like Hisan but maybe I should focus on 4* at this point?

I do a bit of everything. Events, wars, titans, and I still am working my way through maps. I am FTP so I have limited draws to improve my options.

If you want improvement in rare events, go BrienneC… if you want improvement on your blue titan scores… go Little john.

And obviously as you continue your map… the stages will get harder so LJ will last longer than Brienne, unless you use items.

(Although the costume levels super cheap and fast… maxing the s. skill can be annoying. You could probably work on both splitting your 1 and 2* feeders)


I would finish Brianne-C first. Good for 3* events.

Yep, her D-down is very useful as I watch my husband’s team. But she won’t take long. Who would be next?

Hisan looks awesome and I know very little about muggy. Or is it focus on 4* now?

I have both maxed… but I actually use hisan. Lol.

Muggy was fun and when I’m bored, he adds something different. But I would put hisan over him to max.

Again… 3s are going to cap your progress. I think you’re ready to max a 4*.

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2nd Hansel, only if you have the materials to ascend him.

Yeah, I know. I am one of those who preach to build up several rainbow teams of 3 star heroes before you work on your 4 star heroes, and build an army of 4 star heroes before you bother working on your 5 stars, but in this case, it is an exemption to the rule.

Hansel’s mana control will help you finish in events, have higher chance in winning raids and wars and defeat bosses in quests. You will thank me later.


Ultra, I would gladly ascend a second Hansel if I had one. The RNG doesn’t love me that much. The one I have goes everywhere with me.

I just am not overly impressed with LJ. He is slow and seems fragile. But if you all think he is a better choice than Hisan…

LJ is a good choice on the world map and events (basically, any place where you can fill his mana and use heal potions on him where needed). Yes, he’s a bit fragile for a 4*, but he’s quite an upgrade on your 3*s.

I do think his mana slow doesn’t work well with Hansel’s special, especially against only one boss (with Hansel, a good tactic is to repeatedly fill the mana of his target so they take damage and get reduced…) . But, if you alternate their specials (wait until Hansel’s special wears off, then hit the enemy with LJ while charging Hansel up again).

I just realized I made an important omission on the above list. I have Lianna (1.1) in costume. I didn’t mention her because I was heeding the normal advice of work on 3 and 4* first before starting any 5*.

My alliance thinks that I need to get started on her over LJ. Whatcha all think.

PS. Brienne-C is now finished :slight_smile:

Edit to fix spelling error :frowning:


In every rule, there is always an exception. In this case, you have Lianna with her costume. I think it is worth leveling and ascending her if you have the materials needed for her final ascension. She will be useful once maxed and she will still be useful in the coming months or years of your entire gaming experience in the game. I don’t see her replaced as the best damage dealer to a single target any time soon. But of course, you need to feed same-colored feeders. Doing so will make you level other heroes from other elements too.

I have zero compasses. I think I have 5/8 of sturdy shields and maybe 4 tonics? But it will take me awhile to level her, and I can always work on her costume if I get stuck waiting for items?