Help me out! :)

Hey all!

So i need help. Im in a pickle about what too lvl and play out heroes togather can any one gief me some pointers, who you would lvl and play togather from this :slight_smile:

Depends on what you are looking for. Offence or defence? Panther is great. Marjane is also good. I would also also level kage

Offence i kinda have my defnse laid out alberich guinevere ares lianna panther. And also in war im still learning too make war teams

Real question is, how long have you been playing? What do you have for ascension mats? Does your alliance kill lots of titans with the occasional fly off? Do they win AW often?

Without knowing that sorta stuff, we have nfi what you have on hand to level heroes and what you can expect to get in materials in the near future.

Well ive played for around 155 days my alliance are killing 7* titans and we are doing well in wars. I dont know about mats but almost to lvl all color once acend.

I take it you dont have alot of ascension items as you have not been playing long but can expect a fair to average amount gained in the next 6 months. In that case i would focus on 4* heroes till you can level at least 3 to 4 5* heroes or more so you can field a full rainbow team of 5*.

Focus on being able to complete all rare 5 stage events such as Morlovia that just spawned as we speak. Then go on to being able to have at least 3 of each class of 4* heroes if possible and fill in the gaps with 3* when you have to.

You have the hero roster, but now you need the materials to make them better and that is where your focus should be.

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