Help Me Move Beyond My Core

I came here for advice about building a team about a month ago and was provided with a lot of helpful advice and helped me make my decision on what 4* team to start with as my core.

My core is almost maxed now however (As maxed as I can get them without more ascension items) and I’m looking to start leveling up my bench. I’ve included a few screenshots showing my current roster, what I’m looking for is who should I level to add to the overall diversity of my squad and or increase my power. I am primarily focused on increasing titan scores at the moment but am also interested in raiding.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

rigard li xiu kiril wilbur caedmon
tiburtus hu tao(dont max) sonya scarlett melendor

Hello i am in Level 53 and have a hero capacity of 250 heroes.

You have very very Good heroes. First of all forget the slow heroes accept alberich. Ascend your 4* heroes first and than when you have the items you can ascend your 5 *.

Blue: ascend fully kiril, Grimm, triton than magni if you have the materials.

Green: ascend fully caedmon, gadeirus, melendor than tarlak and alby if you have the materials.

Red: ascend fully wilbur, boldtusk, gormek, sumitomo and than ares and marjana if you have the mats.

Purple: ascend fully tiburtus, Proteus, rigard, ameonna and than khiona if you have the mats.

Yellow ascend fully Wu kong as fast as you can


Thank you Mahmut!

That is all very helpful advise and I will start working towards it!

I appreciate someone with experience and knowledge helping out!

I mostly agree with @mahmut, except when it comes to the reds. Wilbur and Boldtusk are great, Gormek is just okay. Most fully ascended 4* are better than a 5* at 3^70, but not always. Ares is incredibly helpful even at 3^70. I would work on him before Gormek or Sumitomo.

Except now that I look again, you’re sort of lacking a hard-hitting red, and Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Ares are just good for support.

The utility on Ares does seem incredibly high, I suppose when I get to that point I can evaluate how my teams look and if the utility from Ares or the heavy hitting of gormek/Sumitomo are more beneficial to my roster?

At any rate I’m glad to have a 2nd opinion confirming the jist of it and have a plan to go off of now!

I will agree with mostly everything above. With what you have to work with it holds true right now.

But slow heros are not always bad. Little John and Colen are quite annoying but you have other options. Gadiuras also being slow is worth level as he mentioned.

You have a very nice roster to work with except yellow. Li Xiu would probably be my choice after Wu unless something comes along.

As I am sure others mentioned before leveling 1 of each color at a time is a good way to grow across the board. But everyone does have their own way. That’s worked best for me personally.

Yes an ares is very Good at 3/70, alby and tarlak too. If you will use tarlak for Titans. U can ascend all the heroes i mentioned fully. You can begin with the 5* heroes in red and green its your Choice. I dont know how many rings or Tonic you have.

In red you should ascend wilbur first than you can begin with ares.

In green you can begin with alberich.

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Now the 4* and 5* heroes which i didnt use in my Game. Not in raids Not in wars. So dont ascend them fully.

These are:
Elena, boril, skittleskull, little john,Li xiu, scarlett, agwe,
hu tao, Justice, khagan, horghall,

Skittleskull is a mini horghall,
Hu Tao is a mini justice
These Two i always Feed Away.

Agwe is the badest season 2 hero, hope that they Buff him in Future.

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If you say he is the baddest, people will think he is very strong. :joy:

I think Mahmut meant that Agwe is the worst hero. :blush:

Thank you very much, my english is so Bad. I ment he is Not Good. Must i say worst? Should i rewrite my Post above than?

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Nah. If you rewrite my post would look odd. :joy:

Yes you are wright.
But the word bad means not good. Why is baddest equal to strongest. Hmm its hard to learn other languages.

It’s slang, with an inverted meaning. Just be aware that English has been described as a language that follows other languages down alleyways, beats them unconscious, and goes through their pockets for spare vocabulary. I think the rest of the actual full quote violates the forum rules regarding both acceptable words and good taste. :wink:
In short, don’t be surprised when something in the English language violates the rules you’ve learned. Every rule for English has an exception somewhere, so just roll with the surprises when English hits you with a new one. IMO anyone who learns a second language to an understandable level is doing very well. I never could manage it.

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