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I am new only played a few times. I did the walk threw and a little more. Any tips advise or anything that will help me learn to be a good player would be amazing. Thanks :heart: Rosebud


I would read through the different player guides here about leveling heroes and what makes good teams. Most importantly to remember is that it’s a game of patience. Figure out how to build the training camps and level the heroes you have and train new ones (level 13 and 20).

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I found this guide to be very helpful in the beginning. It’s pretty outdated now but it’s still valuable for starting out. Find an alliance (there are lots of open beginner ones) and of course keep reading the forums!


My advice to every new player is to read the player guide written by Coppersky:

Coppersky’s Compendium

I know she regularly updates it, and legions of players have learned foundational game knowledge from this guide. :slight_smile:


Biggest thing to remember in this game is patience is a virtue, if your looking for a game with a fast road to the top this game is not for you. Slow and steady is how this battle is won. Welcome to E&P!


When you can try to join an alliance. It can help you out alot.


Welcome to the best game there is. Congratulations on being wise enough to ask for help. My advice is don’t upgrade your Stronghold until all your other buildings are on the same level. Further, start farming for rare crafting ingredients NOW! By the time you can use them you will be glad to have a stash of Dragon Bones, Hardwood Lumber, Midnight Roots, Grimorie Dust, and Oralchum Nuggets. You can find these in every Provence not just the suggested ones. Be patient and may the RNG gods grant you luck.


Coppersky’s playerguide is the cats meow!!!


if you aren’t going to spend a lot of money (which you really don’t have to) then i would try go get your stronghold to 13 ASAP. getting your iron storage up is essential to doing that. also getting farms up is for feeding is good too. once you’r at SH13 you can get a training camp up to 13 and start trying to get 4* heroes.
don’t worry about the massive abundance of troops you’re acquiring. once you hit stronghold 10 you can get a barracks which will let you train troops up by feeding them other troops.
pretty much never get rid of 3* or 4* heroes (unless you already have them) even if they aren’t useful now, they might be later. even if you get a 4* to replace a 3*, that 3* will be useful during events. your 1 and 2* heroes, on the other hand, are food.
thats all i can think of as advice at the moment other than ask questions, alot. the people on this board are awesome and very helpful.


If you are saving/leveling heroes for each category of event, be sure to also save/level troops to go with them:

Beginner - 3* Heroes - 2* Troops
Intermediate - 4* Heroes - 3* Troops
Advanced - 5* Heroes - 4* Troops

Keep in mind these numbers are the maximum you can bring to each category, though you can bring less:
3* heroes will still work in Intermediate, etc.