Help me! I need some advice for my defense team

I have Khiona, Delilah, Isarnia, Marjana and Gregorion. I finally made them all 4/80 and no more other 5star heroes to use. Only marjana is fast mana heroes so I have no idea about what would be a good defense team. What is the best position for my defense team? sorry my poor English thank you!

I would go Isarnia, Khiona, Delilah, Marjana, then Gregorian.

I mostly agree I would only switch Greg and Marjana, moving Greg to flank will increase his chance of activating his special. Then the basic slash attacks from the defense heroes as well as Delilah minions have a chance at a critical hit.

Isarina, Gregorion, Delilah, Khiona, Marjana
This way Marjana can have more tile attack.

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