Help me decide pls: Evelyn or Lianna?

I have 1 shield to go before I can ascend a green 5*. I wanted to max Evelyn first, but my recent pull and leveling of Vivica is making me consider Lianna instead. Thoughts?

(Note that I have Joon but he is still at 1/1 as I got him at the same time as Vivica and I wanted a 5* healer)

Here’s the relevant topic:


Thanks, I already read that thread and didn’t want to hijack it. I know the pros and cons, but I guess I already know what I should probably do. Evelyn is better and more versatile, but without a good sniper leveled on my team I’m hurting and Lianna is possibly the best one out there

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Lianna is average at 3/70, she shine at 4/80.
Evelyn is very good at 3/70 & useful a raid & titans.
I’m in the same situation as you,
My preference would max Lianna then Evelyn, because I have max Greg, Cad, Mel. Very handy vs blue titans.
I intend to flank GM with Lianna and Greg in defense

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Play both st 3/70 on the map see which one you play with all the time

Evelyn is the answer to that question SandMan. The problem is that swapping G. Jackal our for Vivica is making raids a lot harder now. I wish I had a better blue than Aegir, he definitely doesn’t add that much to raid or defense party (unless you want the healing combo of him and Wu but that is gambling). I’d replace Aegir with Grimm on offense if he wasn’t so squishy, often dying before getting a special off.

If you have Jackal best to use Joon with him, combo of the 2 kill any hero , depend on ur style of game play.
Panther + Sartana
Evelyn + Lianna
Falcon + Marjana
Those 1 -2 combo pretty much wipe out most tanks in 1st few sec if the board is right.

Is it ok to pair Evelyn + Gregorion, as I don’t have Lianna?

Yes, that would work well. Honestly, any green hitters would work. One that splash hits would be the best, to most benefit from Evelyn’s green defense down on three, but Gregorian works too :grin:

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Lianna to 80, and Evelyn to 70. Evelyn’s dispel and defense down works just fine at 70, but Lianna needs to be at 80 to be most effective.

So unless your gut is telling you Evelyn, and/or you enjoy playing with her more, I’d definitely do Lianna first to get the most bang for your buck.

If you’re still unsure, play with them some more and then decide. Try em in your lineup and see who fits best. If you’re more concerned about having a dispeller on your team, then I’d maybe do Evelyn first for that purpose. Otherwise, Lianna.


If you read the card , 3 enemies get -54% defence against green, any green like greg, cad, buddy, wil stack,
Greg is ave mana, they might not fire together, you might have to wait.
Horgal would do serious damage, but you might not like him due yo slow mana.

Easier to get Lianna than Greg, she come from TC 20, but you can try green elemental summon.
Good luck to you.

I replaced Aegir with Lianna in my raid offense and running Eve and Lia together even at 3/70 is very potent. As much as I like Eve I’ve decided to ascend Lia first for defense and raid reasons.

And yes, 3/70 green heroes are much more worthwhile than Aegir at 4/80 (useless :rage: hero)!


I m doing the same thing except I have Greg max, will leave Evelyn at 3/70, trying to max Lianna, also have Cad max. Guin tank with blue flank will have problem surviving.

So Evelyn is still stuck at 3/70 as my drop luck has been horrendous for a while. With the ranger emblems now available, I’m thinking that Evelyn is getting better. Lianna has been great in raids, but not as stellar elsewhere. She is a lot more squishy than Eve as that small amount of healing with the element link really does add up. I’m thinking that the emblems will really help Eve be even more durable than Lianna. The other issue I see is that with AoE teammates, Lianna’s skill is often overkill. I have Zimkitha and Gravemaker and both of those end up causing heroes to be partially damaged. While great to have Lianna kill a mostly healthy opponent, it is sad when she is charged with several mostly damaged enemies. My conclusion is both are great. If using a party of multiple snipers, I think Lianna is definitely better, but if you are paring them with other heroes that damage multiple enemies, I think Evelyn may be the better one.

It is a hard debate either way. The one thing that Evelyn will always be better is that she is unique for a green hero where Lianna has a lot of competition with other snipers in other colors and new heroes coming out also make her less unique (Alice coming out soon for example looks to be another blue sniper). For those that debate the choice, I would not blinding choose Lianna over Evelyn.

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Anyone have both Evelyn and Lianna at 4/80? Curious why you may decide to pick one or the other for the emblems for ranger.

I’m leaning towards Evelyn as I do like her more to use, but it is a hard choice. Lianna is my only 5* sniper and therefore hard to replace, but I do know that I’ll probably get other snipers in the future. I do have Domitia, but I don’t quite lump her in the sniper category with average mana and not as powerful damage.

You will use these two together quite regularly. My advice would be to level Lianna first because Evelyn is serviceable at 3.70. You really want to make fights unfair as fast as possible and increasing Lianas damage allows you to eliminate a target faster and more consistently.

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Agree Llianna I have at 4/80 Evelyn at 3/70 both r enjoyable. I will take Evelyn to 80 but will use Llianna more often

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