Help me combining a good defense team

Hi guys, I would like you to help me building a good defense team, one each for raid defense and war defense.

Thing is, I really lack tank type of heroes. So, well…let me see your ideas. So far, I use (left to right) Melendor-Colen-Grimm-Rigard-Chao.

For consideration:
I have 4* troops on red (def type)
4* on green (def type)
4* on yellow (mana bonus)
3* on blue and purple (attack type)

Additional info:
I also can level up 3 of my heroes to tier 4
So, feel free to include anyone not yet in tier 4.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s my roster screenshot below.

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Colen is your tank. As far as fours go, he’s pretty good there. Definitely swap him with Grimm.

You’re going to want to level up Kiril as soon as possible; he’s one of the best fours out there. Once you have him at tier four, I’d run Kiril-Rigard-Colen-Grimm-Mel for wars.

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I do not have much experience in the game but it is true that 3 healer in a war team in defense is scary !!!
Good game

For War defense you could bring durable heroes wich can hold their ground even when injured:
Melendor - Sonya - Rigard - Chao - Colen

For raid defense you could swap positions:
Melendor - Colen - Rigard - Sonya - Chao

Next to train in the future - Kiril