Help me choosing :)

Okay here we go again :blush:
Who can tell me something about Obakan, Ameonna and Wu Kong?

And second question is, who to keep who to give away as fodder.

2 Chochin, 2 Namahage, 2 Gato, 2 Wilbur,
2 Kashrek, 2x Boldie, 2 Prisca, 1 Muggy,
2 Skittle, 2 Little John, 2 Sonya, 3 Belith,
2 Grimble, 2 Rudolph and 2 Kashrek.
Who is worth dupe?

(Kirill, Ulmer, Tyrum and some others are out of question because I keep their dupes)

Thanks in advance

Obakan is meh I have never used him and he has never impressed me too, have never found a use for ameonna myself and lots of people love Wu kong as he is a great hero for high titan hits. I personally cant deal with his misses as it’s an irritant for me, but most of the forum will tell you he is the one for you to work on of those three. A second wilbur wouldnt hurt as he is an Atlantis hero and my personal advice is any hero you can get from a tc20 that’s not a 5* is food. If you sticking around they will rear there heads over and over again so holding them now would be moot at this point

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1 Chochin, 1 Namahage, 1 Gato, 2 Wilbur
2 Kashrek, 2 Boldtusk, 1 Muggy
1 Skittle, 1 LJ, 2 Sonya, 1 Belith,
2 Grimble, 2 Rudolph

Depends on your level, Namahage, if you could level him fast (1 day), keep the two.


My answer is if you don’t have those heroes already. If you do, keep Wilbur and Grimble, the others = food.

Keep one of each 3* for tournaments, the same with 4*
Wilbur, Proteus and some others is worth keep two, even three depending on your level.

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1 Chochin, 2 Namahage, 2 Gato, 2 Wilbur,
1 Kashrek, 2x Boldie, 0 Prisca, 1 Muggy,
1 Skittle, 1 Little John, 2 Sonya, 1 Belith,
2 Grimble (don’t eat 5s if possible), 2 Rudolph.

I only say those dupe 3*s based on event teams that I’ve seen. If you don’t plan on ever competing, then one is probably fine.

Wu will be a nice boost in titan score until you get tarlak or miki with no misses.

Hang on to obakan. He’s not stellar but if you don’t get anything better, at least he’s fast.

I’ve maxed ameonna but never use her so I can’t offer much.


Exactly what I would have suggested. :+1:

I leveled a second Belith (heal+dispel) for wars as we often faced blue tanks. Now I use her less and less often, just one is enough for me now facing stronger enemies. Keep 1 for tourneys.

I regret feeded a away a second Namahage…got 2 Rudis now…so that’s ok.

Keep 2 Gatos. Best blue 3* solo damage and very useful hero. For events I use double-Gato and put both on flanks. I fire them simultanously and then my whole team is 2 turns protected from any fire, poison, def down etc nasty boss effects…that’s so cool and useful. Really.


Keeps all 4*, keep multiple 3* for tournaments and wars, discern your 3* to eat.

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Wu Kong …titan killer. Max him.
Obakan…not outstanding but ok. Level him to 3.70 (mine is waiting at 1.1)
Ameonna…useful on attack, situational, level when no other 4* purple is available…3.60 or 4.70. depends on your mats.(mine is waiting at 1.1)

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Kiril yes…as I am running out of blue next month I will start my second Kiril for wars as the first 4* dupe. To be honest I never thought of using second Ulmer nor Tyrum…Situation may be different if you have Tyrums costume but I don’t have it.

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Regarding Wu Kong, check this thread out:

The duplicates have been suitably covered off above.

Obakan is ok. Not a great 5* but work with what you got.

Ameonna is a great tile damaged. Her special boosts this even more.

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@DoctorStrange TBH I agree with the most you say! :slight_smile: I always wanted Obakan and I will give him a Chance. But this will take some time because there are many others waiting in line lol Wilbur I will keep both, same with Kiril, Sonja and Little John, Skittles as well. And finally pulled Caedmon and Hu Tao. At the moment I am very satisfied and happy with my Heroes. Yes Wu Kong is highly praised but I think like you a bit irritant… But I must say as well with him in yellow colour stacking I had great Titan hits. So there must be something… Ameonna I`ve been told is good against snipers. I will try if not there are always hungry heroes.

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@Vikingblood80 Thanks for your replies! :slight_smile: We are thinking the same.

I agree with 1 Chochin and 1 Muggy but the others all 2 even Namahage. I so love him. Fast and dirty just like Mnesseus lol and Gato.

Exactly my point. Yes Belith is enogh 1 due to stronger enemies later… I have also Melendor, Sabina and Boldie. I accidently fed away Rigard. Didn`t lock him… I hope he will come back one day. But Hu Tao found his way to me lol Yes Namahage is so cool and Gato.

As always thank you Gunvor!

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I hate math but i like you! lol

And as always you spoke my mind just like @Aunty_Krauser does Thanks again for advice.

Yes I had very high Titan Hits since I use Wu and Obakan is cool I took him farming on lower levels. He is very fast. And Ameonna I`ll have to test her.


Many saying she is meh but then there is you and others … :slight_smile: I think she is cool.

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I would only use her as a Titan specialist

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@Ljiljana I agree with @Guvnor in that Ameonna is more for titans. Her mad high tile damage makes her a must for stacks against holy titans. I use her mainly for titans but she does see some usage in AWs. More so when I am on the last set of flags.

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Good! I will try that :slight_smile: thanks

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