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I just joined this forum recently. Lots of good info and good ideas. I have a conundrum. I recently pulled Alice from the last (prior to the sand empire) event. I also have an Evelyn and a Marjana. I know I’m going to use all 3 when they get to a 4/80 but what order should I go in? I’m going to flank them with a Quintus and either a Vivica or Ranvir (depending on what’s going on). So thoughts? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum.

Can I suggest you also advise how long you’ve been playing? If you’re new, ascending 5* star heros would not be a good idea without a solid roster of 4* heros which are quicker to ascend.

However, on the other hand if you’ve been at the grind for a while… (that’s not me), I’m sure more seasoned players will offer the expertise you need.

Again… Welcome! :smile:


I have been playing for 207 days according to my profile on the game lol. I have 19 4 star heroes. I have 9 of them at 4/70, 1 at 4/49, 1 at 4/15, 1 at 3/60 and the rest aren’t that far. Evelyn and Marjana are both at 3/70 and Vivica is at 4/58. My stronghold is at 20 as well as one of my training camps.

Are you looking to use one of them as defense tank?

Why not work on all at once and get the benefit of color matching when training?

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It is hard to give good advice without knowing which hero you currently have leveled. If you can post a picture of your roster, it could help.
The general idea is that Marj and Evel are 2 of the best in their respective colors and Alice is good blue sniper

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