Help me choose the best defense team

Hi all. I’m playing this game 4 months. After some pulls I have different Heroes and I don’t have idea for my defense team. Can You help me choose the best set? Which Heroes should I level up first?
There is also Gato down the list as a worth hero. Rest is a trash


Right now…

Azar, Chao, Kash, Boril, Balthazar. I would work on leveling Kiril and Cyrprian as they will be useful during the entirety of your playing career.

How to set them after leveling Kirill and Cyprian? I have no idea…

Kiril, yes. Cyprian? Um, nope!

With those heroes (considering all were leveled) I would prolly defend with Chao, Cyprian, Kashrek, Kiril, Rudolf

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