Help me choose next ascension

Looking at what i maxed already

What would ascend next?

  • Devana
  • Uraeus
  • Bai Yeong
  • Thor
  • Neith

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All nice heroes, process of elimination called for. Having Drake, Joon and Malosi you’re well off for blinds and interrupts so Thor and Bai Yeong can wait. Although Neith doesn’t have the same skill set as Sif she is likely to fill a similar role in your team, not to mention Onatel for the mana reduction, so she isn’t a priority either (and she’s older than the other candidates so beginning to be left behind in the stat race). That leaves Uraeus and Devana, who are both good against minions. Slight preference in my mind for Devana because (a) dispel is valuable and is rare in holy (b) hits three (c) mana gain is gold - ok, Odin does that (I think?) but on a different basis and you can’t have too much mana, really. Uraeus hits one pretty hard whether or not there are minions in the way, gives a nasty DOT to the whole enemy team if they have minions, which is nice but not guaranteed, and gives fairly feeble minions to his allies on the element link. So he’s kind of more situational but very nice in those situations.

Probably whoever makes you happy is the right answer here. One’s got a snake, the other’s got a lynx, they both have style! Oh, and utility, obviously.


Thanks everyone for the feedback