Help me build the best defense team, im falling to platinum overnight

I know you get this thread 10 times per day from different people, but at this point I have 4660 team and im still dropping to platinum for a night or two, im losing hope :smiley:
Could you help me build the best possible defense team using my heroes(EVEN THESE THAT ARE NOT LEVELLED UP - i got mats and emblems i am just looking for best possible team so i know which heroes to focus). This is what I got:

I think i would go with alice/gazelle/kunchen/drakefong/jf or tyr…that team should hold diamond

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but arent tanks like kunchen who do not impact the opponent and are instead just delaying considered bad for defense?

Also is it worth putting mother north in the left wing?

My suggestion:
Kageburado - Drake Fong - Heimdall - Jean Francois / Tyr - Alice

I’m not sure you have a better tank option than Heimdall. There are ones who would suffice (e.g. Drake Fong or Mitsuko) but I think your best option is Heimdall.

A thread worth a read too: Your Defense Team Is Good Enough


Thanks Guv, im currently using a similar team - alice, JF , heimdall, drake , tyr. And yeah im getting slammed back to platinum for some reason…They are all +18,+19,+20… @Guvnor

Just take a look on teams you fight during raids. You’ll see a lot of them with defensive tanks, like Heimdall, Black Knight, Kunchen, Vivica… They are not bad at all, if you flank them well.


Also don’t worry too much about it. The only time being in diamond makes a scrap of difference is when you claim the chest.

I spent a good few months in that place. Fight my way into diamond, claim chest and then get knocked back out again.

Lather, rinse & repeat.

Sitting in diamond all the time doesn’t make the game easier. If anything I found raiding a lot more fun back then.


This is my defense currently…sits around 2500 to 2600 passively. When I go on a cup run I get hammered back down to about 2450 and then it passively rises itself back up.

Heimdall is a very good tank. You get a poor start and you are in a world of hurt.



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what is that red hero named? its a new one right? Also here finley is a monster…shame i dont have him

That’s Gefjon. Only just ascended her recently. I was running my Mitsuko in that place before. Same sort of results tbh. I just wanted to see how the red sniper did.

And yeah, Finley is a beast. Only Pirate 5* I have…I’m happy I snagged the good one :joy:

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Do you think I can run mother north in the left wing or it is too much since my tank is heimdall?

I’ve faced that combo recently. It can be amazing but since I’m being my mono red to Heimdall anyway it’s a bit of a risk to double Green.

I’ve ran Finley and Vela until fairly recently and that didn’t drop to Platinum either. It just brings Mitsuko really into play but I didn’t have a solid rainbow I was happy with until I chucked a pile of emblems on Mitsuko.

The key is the tank I think. Heimdall with the critical troop has an eye watering defence number. You don’t get a good start and he just laughs at you.

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Too defensive IMHO. Kunchen is OK as tank as long as you have heavy hitters at flank and wing (fast) as with the boost his defence down is amazing.


Hm…what if i changed like that. Mother north drake fong mitsuko heimdall alice?
my emblemmed mitsuko has 874 defense and 1565 hp…pretty decent. Also is immune to stacking blue (cuz of reflect)

Heimdall is your best tank. Guv’s suggestion was the best one I think.

He knows the game better than most I’d say.

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He might be right but I feel like JF is soo useless right now, especially after francine was released with the cleanse…and tyr is just annoying - he does not do much in damage he just revives. Maybe if i had a better red…

All you can do is put it out and see what it does. You might be pleasantly surprised. I mean, you aren’t dropping much below diamond with that defence that’s for sure so it’s not hard to jump back in.

Best thing to do is set it and then go on a Chest fill run and see how you do after.

The below is from this morning…I still get beat but it holds up as well…Sat at 2616 cups presently…

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I dont have enough emblems for kage…this is a planchanger :confused: @Guvnor @Cheds

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