Help me build teams... Please?

Hey there!! So this is what I’m looking at so far… How should I set my teams up??? I have a lot of characters I just don’t know how to set them up to actually win some rounds weather it be raids or even during wars…help me out???

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First of all, concentrate on ONE hero of each color. You are ascending all over the place!

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I guess this wild bunch of heroes was created for alliance wars? Do you have 3* heroes fully leveled?

You should definitely concentrate on leveling one team first - from the ones you have shown here, my suggestion would be:
Sonya, Gretel, Boldtusk, Melendor, Tiburtus
Kiril, Hansel, WuKong, Scarlett, Cyprian

You most likely don’t have the ascenion materials for 5* heroes, so I would put them aside for now - it will take a long time to level them and the 4* teams will help you get the ascenion materials you need for the 5*.

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If @CaptSky her priority is raids/wars then your suggestions to the level up Sonya, Gretel, Boldtusk, Melendor, Tiburtus are fine. However;

If she wants to obtain as many ascension materials as possible to level up her heroes as fast as possible, I would recommend Wu Kong and perhaps Kiril as titans/events/quests have to be her priority then.

Kiril/Sonya - Wu Kong - Boldtusk - Melendor - Tiburtus

Kiril V Sonya; free dragon banner, which will be more useful than Sonya’s debuff on titans since she already has Melendor. Especially for blue titans (Boldtusk weakness). But Sonya’s damage from her special will be more useful compared to Kiril during quests and events when paired with Boldtusk. Kiril will overwrite the more powerful attack buff from Boldtusk. I don’t think you can decide ‘‘wrong’’ with this choice (you never can as advice is almost always subjective). I would choose Sonya as @Witch has suggested, but it’s worth it to think a little about this yourself.

Wu Kong V Gretel; no words needed, Wu Kong first as he improves your tile damage with a significant amount.

Depends on what yoou want and how fast you want it. :smile:

Gormek, Gretel and Melendor are well advanced so you could take them to 3/60 asap.

Haensel and Sonja have already started and are good heroes.

You need a Purple which should be Tiburtus and you will need Wu Kong.

I always train 5 heroes at the time feeding every hero with his own color until his special is maxed at least.

Red: Bring Gormek to 3/60 then Boldtusk.

Purple: Tiburtus

Green: Melendor and then Haensel

Blue: Sonja and then Kirlil or the other eay around depending on what you want more. ( Titans vs. Event/raid )

yellow: If you are a Wu Kong woman/man nad understand how he works and like to gamble work on him first.
If you dont understand Wu Kong yet or if Raids/Events are more important than Titans work on Gretel first.

Heroes to ascend fully.

Wu Kong, Gretel / Haensel, Melendor / Kiril, Sonja / Tiburtus / Boldtusk

This should Keep you busy for quite some time. :smile:

Good luck and enjoy the game.

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My first impulse was also Kiril - but Melendor is already further leveled and a team that has 3 healers and only one hitter could slow down progress, which was why I suggested Sonya. Same reason for Gretel - already further leveled and will also help in raids and war - particularly for a war defense team.

Not saying my suggestion is the best - just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes! I do think your suggestion is the best for raids war and (war) defense team. I don’t doubt that, I agree with it and also with Sonya instead of Kiril. I mentioned the Kiril-Sonya comparison, so that the OP can take both into consideration.

Same for Wu Kong.

Raids/War/Defense? Gretel without doubt.
Titans/Quests/Events? Wu Kong without doubt (for me).

Thanks to all her heroes, she has great potential to focus on any aspect on the game. I would recommend focussing on titans and quests, because they provide more ascension materials. But that’s a personal matter. I agree that raiding is lots of fun also.

I’d suggest the OP to read @Elayanith’s as he/she has summarised everything.

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First off, @Rduke77 @Witch @TomV93 anf @Elayanith, thank you for responding. As you can see I’m a little lost in the sauce. The reason for the random leveling up and ascending would be all thanks to alliance wars. Regarding ascend materials, I’m already on the in chapter/Providence 21. So I’m doing good in the main story, and helping my alliance with 6 star Titans. Anyways…

I unfortunately do not have any 3 , I literally panicked and used them to level up all these characters. My one Sonya is already at power 6 though she only a level 30 and not ascended, so using her will definitely help. Even though I have 5, by what I’ve been reading and looking into, some 4* look like they can be waaaay more helpful than them at this point in time.

Do any of you guys know where I can figure out where I can find good pairing? Like I can understand Wu Kong helps out with hit power, however I never use him, he literally sits In a team I don’t use. Most likely because I have no clue what I’m doing a 100% yet.

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Here’s a thread in which I brokedown all of the heroes into their usability categories. The numbers behind most heroes indicate that they are also of use in a different category. If you want to pair heroes, I would suggest you to avoid using too many heroes of 1 category together. However, sometimes this could be beneficial for yourself. There’s too many examples to write it down right now, but if you have further questions then please just ask.

This is a nice list to work on.

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Just to give you an example.

Kiril and Boldtusk increase your attack stat (and defense stat; kiril). Every tile or special attack will deal more damage after you have used either one of their special attacks.

Tiburtus and Gormek their Ramming Pulverizer (special attack) decreases the defense of your opponent. Both your tile damage and special attack damage will be higher after you have used their special attack. If you use one of them after Kiril and Boldtusk, you will have greater benefit as Tibs/Gormeks special attack damage will be higher.

Now that you have your attack boost up and your opponents defense is decreased, you should use the special attack of hitters such as Sonya, Scarlett, Kelile, Caedmon and Chao so that they deal a lot more damage.

After your Boldtusk/Kiril boosted your power, your Tibs/Gormek lowered your opponents defense and your hitters have dealt significant more damage with their special attack, it’s time to activate your Wu Kong. Wu Kong provides an even bigger attack boost, which stacks with the boosts of Kiril and Boldtusk.

If you follow this example (note, it’s an example), you’ll notice that your damage output will be significantly higher.

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If by pairing you mean team composition…….that depends on who you are fighting, :smile:

The other question would be what you want to use the team for .

Since an in depht guide takes way to much time and space I would recommend that you search in this forum for the knowledge you seek. There are so many great guides out there you will have many to choose from. :smile:

The important ascending mats you cant farm, you have to fight for them or get lucky with drops from Titans and the various chests.

Wish you best of luck and lots of fun while you are discovering the secrets of E&P.

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