Help me build def team

I want to stay around 2000 trophies, is this possible with them?

I have rings and darts for Owl and JF

Realistically I think your best bet would be to use Jean francois as your tank at that level. With his extra def against blue and fast speed he will be a big problem.

Caedmon - Kiril - Jean Francois - Triton/Cyprian - Guardian Owl.

That would be my set-up. Trioton or Cyprian would both work there in my opinion, personally I don’t like riposte anywhere but at tank and triton is kind of squishy for a flank position but given what you have I would use that.

Cyprian and Kashhrek are both good tanks but at the ~2000 cup range JF will get you better results imo…

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Actually def doesn’t matter in this case…2000 cups or 1800 it’s still platinium level. If I were in your shoes I would keep the darts as owl is very tricky hero to use and most likely - requires additional heroes to work properly :wink:
JF looks promising and on platinium level he will cause some problems - but I’ve kept mine at 3/70 and decided to go for Marjana…as fast sniper is really useful…while JF damage when attacking is underwhelming…
Executive summary - I would keep the rings and darts for somebody better…and rather focus on levelling 4* to create a proper bench depth :slight_smile:

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