Help me build a defense team

Question is in the title.

I know there’s a million of these help me setup my defense team threads. I’ve read through a lot and have experimented quite a bit. In all my attempts, I struggle to build a defense team that can stay above 2400 cups overnight. Each morning when I log in, I’m down to 2300 cups or lower sometimes. All my troops are 4* mana and level 20+. I’ve stripped emblems from almost all my heroes (except for some 4* heroes) and will use them on the defense team that seems to work best.

One thing I do quite often is look at the defense team of the top 100 players for guidance. Unfortunately, I don’t have most of the heroes you see in the top 100 (i.e. Ursena, GM, Guin, Alby, etc.).


Maybe people can explain in their responses why they pick specific heroes and why they position them where they did. This could end up being a template for how to build a defense team.

My Thought Process

I recently tried a purple defense team that didn’t work out. I figured the yellow defense from Kunchen’s elemental link and Domitia’s special would counter a yellow stack offense, but that didn’t prove to be true. The team has defense down, dispel, buffs from multiple elemental links, resistance to status ailments, etc. But it didn’t work:

Current Defense

Guardian Panther | Domitia | Kunchen+8 | Aeron | Seshat.
Kunchen has a +16 4* crit troop and Seshat has a +22 4* mana troop.


As you can see, I have decent heroes so I feel like a team that can stay between 2500-2600 should be a realistic expectation. Especially considering I raid every day to stay in diamond.


Well firstly you got great heroes and a lot of maxed.

You could try this 2 options:

Kingston-Red Hood-Kunchen-Guardian Gazelle/Poseidon-Master Lepus

Kingston-Ariel-QoH-Deliah/Guardian Gazelle-Seshat

Try making your defense with 4 fast mana heroes and 1 average mana or healer.


You shouldn’t really rely on monochrome defenses, try to set this:

Kingston - Magni - Kunchen - Poseidon - Marjana

It is a very simple defense and peoples around 2400 cups would skip it just due to Kunchen


By looks: Master Lepus-Inari-Red Hood-Kingston-Gazelle, would like to see that, can you do that for me :star_struck:
By (my :upside_down_face:) logic: Seshat-Poseidon-Ariel-Queen-Kingston maybe :thinking:

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There’s several ways of doing it…

One is to set annoying defences that attackers will want to just reroll - super defensive and slow, drawn out battles… But still with enough punch to grind you down.
The other is a “punchers chance” as they’d call it in boxing - a defence that comes out swinging, stalling you just long enough to strike and will punish you if you’re not lucky enough to kill it fast.

The former… Eg:
Lianna, QoH, Kunch, Delilah, Lepus.

The latter… Eg:
Kingst, Marj, Kunch, Poseidon, Lepus

In both cases went rainbow, but I’m definitely a fan of picking flanks to counter an expected stack…

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Marjana, Ariel, Kunchen, Joon, Kingston.

I run the same, just Ursena instead of Kunchen and I haven’t visited platinum in over a month, I wake up to around 2500-2550 cups. Even when I make a run for 2800+ cups, 20+ attacks don’t take more then 250 cups …

Mana troos Level 11 and 12

Btw, your squad is awesome!

Good luck


Between the synergy of monochrome defense and rainbow, which do you think is more important. I really thought the synergy of my mono purple was very very strong. Obviously that wasn’t the case because that defense never won a match.

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A mono defense with good synergy is IMHO too easy to beat, because you can counter with a mono, 4x1 or even 3x2 team in the strong colour.

I occasionally drop to Platnium when I’m just having fun raiding and tiptoe into the 2700+ :woman_facepalming:. Experimentation is the key to building a strong defense team, and you’re already doing that.

Besides, I’ve also noticed there’s always some adjustment to the top teams when a new hero drops - any team can be beaten. GL


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Interesting thought process regarding your two team choices. I never really looked at it from that perspective. I tried the first and won 3 out of 4 attacks. Still haven’t put emblems in heroes (except for the 8 that were already in Kunchen).


Holy crap man

How ya been?

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Hey @Rigs! Happy new year! Life has been good, happy to say. Need to take some time and refocus and get back to a happy place. :slight_smile:

How have you been?

FYI, pulling Guardian Gazelle on a single pull made up for my Atomos! :slight_smile:


Been good, just gamin and bs’n
Same ol same ol

How ya likin the gazelle?

Glad somethin can make up for that disappointment lol

Happy new year to you too!

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Glad things are going well.

Gazelle is actually better than I thought! I hesitated on ascending her, but I had no other good yellow heroes to pick from. She’s a little tricky to use, but if she goes off and doesn’t get one-shot right after, the attack boost + damage decrease to the team is very powerful!

I usually pair her with QoH for the taunt. I’m probably going to give her my Druid emblems and buff her defense. She’ll be on my main attack team and probably most titans.


Not at all surprised the attackers didn’t fancy a second round :joy::joy:

I love my defence!

Doesn’t show all the attacks, there was around 17… And only negative 105 cups is amazing by my standards

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Is this team too defensive?

I would say yes… Two healers & a Damage Sharer… It could work purely because the centre three would be tough to crack open…

Run it and see what happens!

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It’s kind of working, hardly getting attacked. I guess people just reroll. :slight_smile:

I’m staying at 2500. If I push, then I get attacked. Winning 25% on average.

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