Help me arrange my team

Pls help me who should i ascent first.
Who will be my defense team

Alaise and gravemaker! Put in delilah
Green is diificult. Melendor for healing would be my choice
Purple maybe tiburtus

Let us organize your hero-bench. I find it more easy to look at when it’s written down.

5 star heroes

  • Delilah 4/80 - yellow
  • Gravemaker 4/57 - red
  • Perseus 3/70 - blue
  • Aeron 2/60 - purple
  • Alasie 2/60 - blue
  • Kadilen 2/60 - green
  • Marjana 1/27 - red
  • Richard 1/1 - blue

4 star heroes

  • Merlin 4/70 - purple
  • G. Jackal 4/70 - yellow
  • Peters 4/70 - green
  • Cyprian 4/70 - purple
  • Grimm 4/70 - blue
  • Melendor 4/70 + 3/15 - green
  • Caedmon 4/70 - green
  • Tiburtus 4/70 + 3/31 - purple
  • Colen 4/70 - red
  • Scarlet 4/70 - red
  • Wu Kong 4/70 - yellow
  • Kiril 4/70 - blue
  • Rigard 3/60 x2 - purple
  • Boril 3/60 - blue
  • Chao 3/60 + 1/33 - yellow
  • Little John 3/60 - green
  • Hu Tao 3/60 - yellow
  • Boldtusk 3/60 - red
  • Kashrek 3/60 - green
  • Sonya 1/32 - blue
  • Jack O’Hare 2/13 - green

It’s a pretty cool bench with much variety. :pray:

As for who I would upgrade in each color category:

Finish Gravemaker and then Boldtusk.

I personally love Aeron, but I chose to bring Rigard to 4/70 first. With Tiburtus/Merlin maxed I would choose either Aeron or Rigard. It depends on your amount of ascension materials.

With Grimm, Kiril and Caedmon (debuff) maxed, I would definitely save up for Alasie and leave Perseus and Richard aside. It is your choice. Ascending Perseus to 4/80 is an option, but some might call it a waste compared to Alasie.

Kadilen is your only green 5 star, but it’s not one of the best out there. You have 3 maxed healers now, will work on Aeron or Rigard as number 4 and Boldtusk would be number 5. Honestly, I would wait for a better 5 star and ascend Melendor as healer number 6 for alliance wars. I would understand if you choose to fully ascend Little John also, because he’s quite useful for events.

Your 5 star yellow hero is maxed. Your necessary 4 star heroes Jackal and Wu Kong are maxed also. Ascend Chao to max if you plan to use 4 yellow heroes against a purple titan and have a bit more variety for wards, but you can also choose to use the yellow feeders for other heroes.

I will leave good advice on what to use as a defensive setup to someone else. I am not very familiar with 5* heroes yet.

I love how you were explained all that I have a dilemma where I have to choose ascending gormek or bringing up Wilbur or bringing up Colin I can also Ascend a yellow but I have a li xiu ready and a chao to level up what would you do if you were me

Max Wilbur if you can. He is one if the best 4* in the game. You will need BT as a staple hero, but Wilbur should also be a priority.

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Thank you for responding I think I will go with the Wilbur but why would I want a bold Tusk if I have a colon and a gormek and that was another big question that I had is Wilbur better than colon, I have a kirl as a healer plus a tarlak. I have the option of ascending a li xiu to max level or leveling up chao and a sending him to Max do you have any advice on those yellow especially if I decide to get rid of gormak and use Wilbur

You’ll want BT for his healing and attack buff for your entire team. I personally don’t care for Colon and I’ve never used Gomerk, but from what I hear those two aren’t even in the same league as BT and Wilbur.

much appreciated and you don’t see any conflict with having 2 red were they like made for each other and again thank you you’re the first person to help me with this on this site I just started checking it out but I’m loving it

Do you know about color stacking?

only for Titans and I was keeping myself to a 2 troop maximum 2 troops for each color

You can actually color stack anywhere in the game (raids, war, world map etc…) and when you do, the tiles of the color you’re stacking have their power increased dramatically.

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That makes sense I didn’t know troops could be stacked but that actually makes sense to I just always hated it when one color doesn’t have any effect missing Trooper whatever

I’m going to definitely look into that because my two yellows that I referenced earlier I wonder if they would work better together