HELP! I've gotten this far, and now I don't know what I'm doing with my team building!

So, here are my heroes, starting with highest * to lowest *:

4*: Kelile (lvl 28, not ascended), Scarlett (lvl 50, 2nd ascension and stuck there)
3*: Bane (lvl 27, fully ascended), Balthazar (lvl 11, fully ascended), Belith (lvl 1, no ascension), Karil (lvl 7, 2nd ascension), Tyrium (lvl 8, no ascension), Valen (lvl 11, no ascension), Nashgar (lvl 11, no ascension), Prisca (lvl 1, no ascension), Renfeld (lvl 20, no ascension), Azar (lvl 1, no ascension), Berden (lvl 14, no ascension), Hawkmoon (lvl 3, no ascension, Carver (lvl 1, no ascension)
2*: Ragnhild (lvl 40, fully ascended), Jenneh (lvl 29, fully ascended), Needler (lvl 1, 2nd ascension), Sha Ji (lvl 3, 2nd ascension), Toril (lvl 7, 2nd ascension), Brogan (lvl 2, no ascension), Nash (lvl 17, no ascension), Layla (lvl 18, 2nd ascension)

I’m trying to come up with an effective:

-raid team
-story mode team
-quest/special event team
-titan team

I’ve been trying to do this on my own, but I have been getting help from a friend recently, and now I’m stuck and can’t seem to get any further. I’ve put maybe $20 into this game, and I really don’t want to put anymore into it. I just recently hit lvl 17 with my character, my SH is at 13, and the farthest I am in the game is Province 14, Stage 5. I know I need to have a setup where my tank is in the middle to take the brunt of the damage, but I’m constantly losing and can’t seem to progress through not only the game, but the raids and quests. I do decent on titan battles, but everything else I’m starting to slow down.

Can anybody help me or point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much, @NPNKY! I’m new to the forums, and I appreciate the assist! Thanks!

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Sounds like you need an alliance. One that will help you along the way. If you need one, Alien Asylum is looking for 2 more players. We have a line chat open also. Look us up. Tell them Momma sent you


Read the guides recommended above, in the meantime focus on leveling one team. A possible starter team would be Scarlett, Bane, Belith, Balthazar, Valen.

Why is Scarlett stuck in second ascension?

If you are a new player needing to know the basics, I heartily recommend Coppersky’s Compendium.

Your lineups will of course be different, based on need, but several things are usually constant:

  • Healers/debuffers to strike first, put on the left
  • Strong defensive in middle for tank
  • Dont put slow speed heroes on the outside.

When you are controlling your heroes (raid offense, Titan, map), the order is less important than the composition, but Raid Defense (where you are attacked, and the game’s AI plays you) this will matter.

2* are food, unless you don’t have 3* leveled higher than them yet:

If I had a maxed Layla, I would hold onto her until my 3* purple replacement had better stats. Once you have maxed 3* rainbow team, I would not use 2*

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I have not been able to acquire a Chainmail Shirt to complete the requirements.

:rofl: Yeah, from this distance, it sure does!

Chainmail shirt is farmable from province 12. So if you keep farming 12-9 or ither level you like, then you’ll get it after a while.

First and formost, work on that 3* heroes.
If your read around the forum, you find many time experienced player suggest to not work on 5* heroes if you don’t have enough materials, and the same thing must be applied on 4* heroes. You don’t have hidden blades? Let them be for now.

The first thing i thought watching your heroes is that you don’t have a healer, and that’s a shame because you have both the only healers among 3* heroes (i do not consider Friar Tuck a real healer =c=)
You have already worked on two reds, and probably Belith is better then Hawkmoon. Work on her.

Then i see a really good Valen still left behind. Bad. Really bad.
He may have an irritating smirk, but he is one of the best 3* heroes.

To complete your team for now i would continue leveling bane and Balthazar. This way you have at least one good hero for color.

After that i would suggest (if you don’t get other heroes) to work on Hawkmoon and tyrum, so to have 2 safe nets (2 healers) and 1 dispeller that is always really useful.

Don’t forget that when you approach a more difficult level, and generally harder that your team may sustain, items and color stacking are your best bet (color stacking means not placing a rainbow team, but instead two or more of the same color)

We have reports of players reaching stage 19/20 with only 3* heroes.

Cant be unseen :rofl:

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I will definitely put that into consideration. I got rid of Sharan early in the game, and I have regretted it since. I have been slowly working on looking at Belith as my healer, and I have heard that Valen is the way to go.

Thank you for your input! It is appreciated!

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You don’t have to type all of that.
Easier for you and every one else to post a screenshots with your roster.

“Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!”

I’ll keep that in mind in the future. Thanks.

  1. I would ascend those 4* to 3/60 even with no blades. Then build a team around them. I was in the almost same situation. I had Kelile and Gormek. I leveled them to 3/60 while I waited for blades. Then Colen came along. Leveled him too. When the blades came (they will eventually for you too), I ascended Gormak and used him as tank for a long while. Consider this aspect. A team with 3 red 4* will do havok against green tanks. I still use them together with Cyprian and Sabina and I constantly hoover in platinum arena, around 1900 - 2000 cups. If life gives you lemons you make limonade… work with the best you have, and your best are Scarlet and Kelile right now.
  2. Forget about using 2* heroes. They are a joke. Only use for them is in alliance war as part of a clean-up team. Don’t be afraid to stack colors if you can’t make a rainbow team. Just don’t use 2*'s. Anyway, you got a lot of 3*'s there.
  3. You need a healer and a dispeler. Belith is both of them, and a good one. Work on her. I used her until I got Sabina.
  4. Rush for TC 13 if you are not there yet. It will bring you more 4* heroes.

Thanks! All of this advice I’m getting from everyone is helping me to see what I need to focus on. Belith and Valen, as well as my TCs are my first order of business.

@GoDziLLa42 I recommend you to buy a VIP for 2 months.
It worth it very much and with its help you will get to all buildings lv20 easier.
And each VIP month is 900 gems bouns.
If you saved them with the free gems from quests, chests and mtstic vision … you will be able to pull good amount in Atlantis to get good heroes and to fill up your ascessonion chest for free 3☆\4☆ AM.
This will rwally help you.

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