Help in war defence team

Hello guys!

What do you think is my best war defence team blue tank? With arrows…

I thought maybe justice instead of jackal for aoe big swipe after arrows hit

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I like Hansel Tusk Magni Seshat Jackal.
Nice heroes you have.

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Weird. If I put justice instead of jackal I get 56 pts for 3777
If jackal then 54…with 3820

War team points are calculated using a teams HP and not the team power. Since Justice has more H, that setup is worth more than the team with Jackal.

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I would go with Hansel-Bold-Magni-Seshat-Jackal

Throw Jackal out.

Replace him with Proteus or Hansel.

Rigard - Seshat - Magni - Proteus - Hansel/BT

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Jackal is too squishy for defence.

Seshat-Boldtusk-Magni-Proteus-Hansel would be the best option. It would make your team vulnerable to a yellow stack, though. Do you coordinate flank colours in your alliance?

(Another option could be Hansel-Boldtusk-Magni-Seshat-Wu Kong but you can only hope that Wu doesn’t miss so it’s too risky.)

3 purple in defense…hmmm I don’t think so…

Blue tanks.

But melendor is 13 embelmed vs Hansel only six

Yes. With all my snipers I am afraid Wu will be problematic

I was wondering if you coordinate the flank colours (the colours of the two heroes surrounding the tank).

I woudn’t use 2 healers in a war with arrows, maybe just for healing aid. Boldtusk is much better than Melendor so he should be your healer. Hansel will contribute to your team much more than Mel even though Mel has more emblems.

Hansel is far better than Melendor, even without emblems. Meh…

I never had issues with 2-3 of the same color heroes in defense but they have to have the correct function within a team.

Many force the rainbow defense but not being able to defend.

You say you will put 3 2 on defence?

I think it is easy pisy just take 4 1 or even 3 2 and attacker got advantage

Not sure you right for defence

I offence he is my king after seshat and magni
But defence the enemy can just not the tilesbwitj the color of the hero until cleansed

Hansel for attack is great and my melendor with emblemes became a beast and he debuff the enemy and with seshat it is is two debufers.

Also I can’t use rigard anymore because if seshat and bt is just a half healer. Maybe anzogh can replace bt but no because of his need for buffs…

I decided melendor is my best healer and Wilbur is better in creating damage for heros like justice with low attack so this what I took

Also I heard here that 2 healers not so neaded

For now this is the defence I took and it took three flags

First round seshat and melendor stayed alive
Second round only seshat…
All died in the third round…

Let us see what happens when the next attack comes…

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