Help in titan attack pls

Pls help me which heroes match up for the titans, cause my score always below 5 thousand only. I think something wrong.
Also i have so many double heroes, do i need to feed them or retain?


You can’t have just one team for titans, you should change the heroes you take depending on what kind of titan you’re fighting. The main idea is simple: leave the heroes who are weak against the certain titan and double/triple on heroes who are strong against the titan:

  • Yellow/Holy titans - leave yellow heroes behind (maybe except Wu Kong), bring purple heroes (Merlin, Cyprian)
  • Purple/Dark titans - leave purple heroes behind, bring yellow heroes (Wu Kong, Jackal, Chao)
  • Red/Fire titans - leave out green, bring blue
  • Blue/Ice titans - leave out red, bring green
  • Green/Nature titans - leave out blue, bring red

You have a really nice roster. A key to getting good scores on titans is bringing the best fitted heroes and some battle items.
Good heroes for titans:

  • snipers (those who deal a lot of damage to a single enemy - Alasie, Sonya, Caedmon),
  • enemy debuffers (those who lower defense or attack of the enemy - Tiburtus, Gormek, Scarlett, Grimm),
  • mana stealers (heroes who lower or slow down mana of the enemy - Chao, Little John),
  • buffers (heroes who buff your heroes defense or attack - Wu Kong, Kiril).

Having a healer on your team is good too, can help your heroes survive. There are some “special” heroes that can help too as Peters (silences the target) or Merlin (the target hurts itself).


I wish I could add to this post.
But it’s so explanatory I can’t lol.
So yes I would be pretty much mirroring this excellent reply.
So everything he said

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Bless you @suntanglory people like you who take the time to fully explain things are the reason forums exist. Thank you for taking the time to write the above


The only thing to add to this reply is that it is also good to include color specific Debuffers (Jackal, Falcon, Arthur, Panther) when you’re bringing multiple heroes of that color. The OP has Jackal who should come to all Purple titan fights.

And: Titan Attack Fundamentals - (new player Titan guide)

Titan 101 as I understand it:

Ideal team will cover all below bases with at least 3 strong color heroes so get as close as you can to ideal:
Wu or Tarlak
Defense Debuffer
Attack Buffer
Strong Color Debuffer

Tile damage is more important than damage done by specials, so look for heroes with high att.

Look st the 7dd infographic “Zero’s titan guide”…it is awesome and I don’t see it referenced much.