Help in growing new 4*s (and maybe 3*)

Hi there,

I’m a super young player (beginning Oct 3rd, level 22, silver arena), hope I’m posting on the right section :slight_smile:… I would like to have some tips about the growing of my new 4 star heroes (and maybe some 3*)… this is my actual team (defence and attack)

Jahangir 3.30 (stopped growing for the moment, as I picked up lot of better reds)
Sumitomo 2.1 (stand by…wondering if it’s better to start Scarlett )
Rigard 3.1 (my must…)
Grimm 2.1 (growing up, like a lot)
Bane 3.46 (want to finish him, very useful)

Despite the total lacking of green heroes (only a carver that I stopped growing as I feel he is unuseful …) , with 3 event packages and gems collected for free I picked up plenty of 4* heroes in few days … rigard on my first elemental call , then sumitomo, Grimm, Scarlett, Li Xiu, Sonya (with costume), and tiburtus (with costume) in less than a week … in addition , some very good 3*s. 1 valen, 2 Balthazar (1 simple 1 with costume), 1 hawkmoon, 1 nashgar, 1 ulmer and 1 Gan Ju. All are at entry level for the moment , as I don’t know where to begin…

My question is… which 4* I should grow first, considering my actual team…? It worth to grow up also the 3s in the meantime or better to give priority at 4?

Thanks a lot in advance !

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It is simpler to get a 3* team maxed first, so I would do Bane, Hawkmoon, Balth ulmer (Carver is not that bad, but other greens are better.) A maxed 3* is usually as strong or stronger than a 4* at 3/60. It is hard when you are trying to grow quickly and the 4* look attractive but maxing a 3* team actually helps you while you are collecting the ascension mats

You have some good 4*…definitely Scarlett over Sumi, Rigard as you said, Sonya first. Grimm, Tib and Li Xiu are also solid
Good luck

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Carver is decent, as you don’t have other greens, I’d go ahead and level him.

And yes, I’d get a team of 3s maxed first, and then work on the 4s. The 3s won’t require rare ascension materials, which will be your block in maxing 4s for the near future. Plus the 3s will be useful in tournaments still.

Once you have at least 1 3 in a color you can work on a 4… and keep working on them. I recommend against working on a 5 (once you get one) until you get at least 18 maxed 4s (some say 30; I think that’s asking too much).

I hope you’re feeding only 10x on color at all times. And bee lining for TC11, as that’s the most efficient way to get feeders.

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@Zathrus Thanks for your reply! I have 900 gems last from the event package planned to use in elemental green call… that’s the reason I’ve stopped carver at the moment… if nothing better arrive… I will continue for sure :+1:

Yes, I am using only 10x per color heroes , And have 2 tc13 that I’m using for feeding and for green heroes searching … don’t want any others at the moment as I prefer to focus on working on those who already have…

Actually, I still have really a lot of ascension materials for 4* … so this would not be a problem… I have few only of boots , that’s one of the reasons I stopped sumitomo, preferring to giving it to rigard first :slight_smile:

Totally agree for 5*… For now, it’s not my goal … too hard to ascend and ho early I don’t have the right experience in the game to manage them :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:… stopped all my building levels at13 , and when I’ll have a decent 3* and 4* maxed squad I’ll restart building :hugs:

Really thanks for your help!

@PM229 You’re right for sure… but is not so easy when you have some attractive 4* There’s waiting for you :sweat_smile:… honestly, I don’t expected to pull all these 4*s almost together, but now that I have it it’s SOOO hard to wait to work on them … but for sure you’re right , thanks a lot , I’ll max for sure the three you suggested :+1:

You’ve bern given sound hero levelling advice already - awesome. Getting costumes for the heros they’ve mentioned will help too.

Worth a read… For new players - the 4star heroes that changed the game for me

If you’re not already in one, finding a great training alliance will help you to grow your account faster, and avoid a lot of the pitfalls along the way. Also, hitting higher level titans, gives you a better chance of non-farmable 3* & 4* Ascension Materials (AMs) as long as you reach C Loot - 1% of total titan HP.

I can strongly advise you not to do that! It’s a waste of gems. Sooner or later you will get all the S1 heroes (at least 4* and also some 5*), either from other portals or TC13 or 20. Better save your gems for Valhalla, Costume Chamber or Atlantis… these are much better portals. Slightly more expensive but definately worth it. And you also fill the ascension chest and collect important mats you will need. Don’t waste your gems on elemental summons!


@Sarah2 many thanks ! And great quote ! I am already in an alliance but honestly there’s not a lot of communication between us and we’re only 8/9 hitting Titans … let’s see… thanks again !

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@diesdas Oh my … really?!? Can you believe that I already did 3 elemental and got always 4* with three calls only ?! ? From elemental with only three pull I got rigard (the first), then Grimm and li Xiu … never a 3* … in costume call , 6 calls in total (3 free with the keys and 3 with event special offer ) I got tiburtus , Sonya and others 4 all 3* … and with 1 call with coins from atlantis sumitomo … from TC13 only 3* at the moment … so if usually elemental don’t work well I’m afraid I’ve already finished my luck and better to go on another :smile:… thanks a lot for the tip!

Ps only package I bought was 3 event package to got the costume heroes, usually I prefer to play F2P, except for something special like costumes … the 900 gems came from this offer :upside_down_face:

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I want to echo what @diesdas said — don’t spend gems on an element summon. I know it’s tempting right now when you’re short on a color, but it’s a big waste of gems. You’ll get the S1 heroes eventually.

It took me 4 or 5 months to get a healer. It took over 7 before I had a dispeller! But I have all the S1 4s now (although I’d like a second Mel), and they’re just food now.

Biggest advice is to realize it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll reach a point where you’re waiting on good heroes to level… and on materials to level them when they do show up.

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If you dlike to join DevilsEye alliance we have lots of experienced players and always welcome new ones. We hit7-8 star titans and war is optional. We would like to have you :slight_smile:

@zatrus thanks for the tip, but actually I spent only a bit more of 10 euro to the costume offer (and 900 gems was included :blush:) because I was curious about the costume and would like to try the pull, never for other call :smiley:… only AFTER I realized that I already have 15 costume keys to use instead of money … so I had in total 6 costume calls , picking up two 4* (Sonya and tiburtus) and others all 3*… and the curious thing is with the only 4 other calls I did (all for free, collecting gems and atlantis coin from the game) , 3 elemental and 1 Atlantis … I got four 4* on four calls!!! So seems I have been so so lucky if usually they are so poor :smile:… so what’s the best way to spend my 900 ? On special event…? Thanks for your help , lot of things to learn in so little time :innocent:

So you got lucky then and your gems weren’t totally wasted. Congrats! :slight_smile: But overall the odds aren’t any better there compared to other portals. So better to spend them on other portals. But yeah, I had that too when costume chamber was new… And lately I got crazy lucky with legendaries.

So enjoy the game and your new heroes. You got some good ones to start with… Rigard will serve you well, even the late game. I still use him daily and am currently leveling my fourth Rigard for wars :slight_smile:

As I already mentioned, I would say Valhalla, Costume Chamber and Atlantis are some of the best. I’d probably go for Valhalla or Costume Chamber. Valhalla and Atlantis have better chances to get special heroes compared to the monthly events. At costume chamber you get always the costume, which also makes the original hero stronger and some of the costumes are real game changers. Probably next months new costumes will be released as well, and some of them will be really awesome.

Monthly events also have great heroes, but as mentioned, the odds of getting them are lower. The best events would be Teltoc and Wonderland, I’d say. Though Grimforest and Corellia have great 4* heroes. The christmas event will also have great heroes. So save all your epic hero tokens for that, as you can use them there.

You might also have a look at this video (the first minutes can be skipped…):

@diesdas amazing video…! So got it! Definitely I’ll go on specials, also because as you said I already can work with some solid heroes , my green one will come :smile:… again thanks for your precious tips!

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@Alekss many thanks! I’ll consider it for sure, even if I would be bit sorry leaving mine for some good team mates I met there… let’s see :hugs:! Thanks for now !

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@diesdas @Zathrus I want to thank you SO MUCH!!! Following your tip I didn’t use my 600 gems for green elemental pull but decided to use 300 on a legendary and 300 on Valhalla that’s coming next week … and … I got HEL !!! I still can’t believe it!!! Of course she will sit on the bench for now, I have materials only for the first ascension … but actually even at first level she’s incredible… mana block is a blast… and I can’t believe to have got her with one single pull :heart_eyes: !!! Many thanks to both !!! Without you I would have DEFINETELY spent my gems in green elemental one! Thank you! So happy!

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Congrats to that awesome pull! Hel is amazing I think and will help you a lot, also in the map and events… Have fun with her :slight_smile:

Thank you :pray::pray::pray:… and thanks also for letting me know the anchorgamed videos, so useful and interesting !

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Wow. Congrats!

Please send some of that luck this way. Legends taunted me giving me all 4 star heroes this month.

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