Help in defending

I am asking for help in arranging with these heroic defenses. These are my cards that I have. I will be grateful for advice on who to raise them to the last level.

I will be grateful to build this defense with the heroes whom I have at the maximum or on the third level. Thank you for your help

You could consider leveling: Wilbur, BT, Proteus, Kageburado, Alberich, Jackal, Buddy, Triton. Nice gang!

As for your current defense team, maybe Albi, Tiburtus BT, Proteus, Jackal. Put it up and test. :blush:

With your current deck, I’d use:

Alberich / Tibertus / Gormek / Proteus / Wu Kong

Most everything else is too fragile (not high enough level). Wilbur is at a good level but it’s usually poor design to double the tank color.

You should focus hero training so that you have one hero per color. Use matched-color feeders, e.g. give your green 1* to the green project.

My recommendations:

  • Purple: Tibertus to 3/60 then Rigard. First hero to ascend should be Proteus then Rigard.
  • Yellow: Jackal
  • Blue: Triton then Snya
  • Green: Buddy, then Kashhrek. Buddy first to final ascension.
  • Red: Colen to 3/60. Boldtusk should ascend next.

I hope this helps!

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What does BT-Boldusk or something else mean in your answer?

Yes, BT = Boldtusk. Sorry for jargon!

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