Help in best defense for raids

Trying to determine what would be the best defense please.

5* at 3.70 are usually lacking.

We’re going to have to go temporary while you work on finishing some 4*… We can use those 5* 3.70 for now, but unless you can max them they will hold you back.

So for now…
Let’s put those 5 in the wings and protect them with decent 4*.


Grave - Kiril - Buddy - Cyprian - Joon.

Work on finishing Buddy and Cyp ASAP.

Then move on to deepening your 4* bench - finish a couple that are well on the way and get some all-rounders done that will work in multiple facets of the game…
For me, that’s:

  • Wu (boost for all titans and to help you win events you’d struggle with otherwise)
  • Colen, big damage and most of the way there.
  • EITHER Gormek or Tibs, you don’t need both yet.
  • Melendor (healing and dispel).
  • LiX - mana control and well on the way already.

Don’t touch the 5’s unless you’ve got all the mats for their 4th tier ready and waiting.


Thank you so much for the help and additional information.


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