Help implement Krampus to my raid defence

So, I spent some money on Valhalla and got away with Odin, Bera, and Glenda. Then, I got lucky with the Christmas summons pulling the ugliest mxxxfxxer in the game with my 8 EHT (yes, Krampus). Now, I need help Implementing Krampus and maybe Odin in my raid defense.

I have been experimenting quite a lot with my raid defense and what seems to be working best and what I currently use is:

Joon+9, Jean-Francois+11, Clarissa+18, Magni+12, Lianna+18.

This team keeps me close to 2500.

I like this team because it’s a lot of damage coming from a lot of different directions and it is coming fast. The strategy is to use Clarissa and J-F to soften up the attacker, and then I have 3 hard-hitters firing a little bit later picking off the wounded attackers one by one.

Now, I wanna run Krampus as the tank. I can take him to +18 (stripping Noorns and Mitsuko). This will change my defensive team quite a lot.

I am thinking something like:

Left wing: Lianna +18
Left flank: Odin +18 (if i strip Clarissa)
Tank: Krampus +18
Right flank: Jean-Francois +11
Right wing: Joon +9

This would keep a little bit of my current strategy with DoT and Area Damage firing first, then the snipers.

Some thoughts:

  • Two yellows/no purple to avoid the attacker from bringing yellow (to improve Odin).
  • …or should I keep Clarissa rather than Odin?
  • I like J-F in case they stack blue.
  • Is this team too weak vs green stack?
  • This would leave Clarissa out of the team, currently I think she is my best defender.
  • Could non-costumed Kadilen (can take to +10 at least) be an improvement to this team, as flank?
  • What about Ratatoskr (can take to +12), he would punish if the attacker stacks green, but then the defense gets too passive in my opinion.
  • Bera (can take to+12), does she have a place somewhere?

Thanks for any comments, ideas, or help.

I have pretty much the material to ascend one of each color legendary.


I would wait and see until Krampus gets some battlefield time, get a feeling of his tank value. Odin outclasses Clarissa by a lot, but fielding two yellows is tricky depends a lot on the level of your troops. Joon is already a glass cannon, fielding him without proper troop support may result in failure. I wouldn’t worry so much about the enemy bringing holly heroes, if Krampus tanks, they’ll be green heavy. They will need a dispeller for Krampus and a cleanser for JF, and yellows are short on both cleansers and dispellers… forget Kadillen unless you get the costume.

By the way, why on earth did you ascend Zulag while having Bera and Boss Wolf available? I mean, I also ascended Zulag, but I had 18 tabards at the time, and I never used her… waste of tabards unless she’ll get a buff down the road.

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Yeah, I had 20 tabards. Choosing between Boss Wolf, Obakan, and Zulag. I like bringing two healers in war attack so I went with the healer. I use her in war attack and will probably use her in certain tournaments. But yes, overall she is not good (but better than BW). I took BW to 3.70 to have him ready for final ascension in case we decide to start using purple tanks for very fast AW. Bera came later, would never ascend Zulag over Bera. :slight_smile: I am working on Bera now.

How about:

Odin+18 - Jean-Francois+12 - Krampus+18 - Grazul +13 - Lianna +18

Its better to place JF only. It preassures the opponent to bring a cleanser. So, i wouldnt place two reds. Its better to drop grazul (not as good on defense as on offense).

I would place


Try that , i think it will work fine.

You are protected from blues with JF, you are protected from yellow (more tiles for odin) and you will probably are going to be attacked mostly by green-purple which is dangerous but is what Krampus atracts

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Thanks. Looks solid, the only issue is that Odin and Clarissa share Paladin emblems.


Just because you have 2 yellows nobody is going to bring purples when you have a krampus tank.

Even if they bring 1 or 2 off colour as purples it’s fine because they will be leaving the yellow tiles in the board for Odin’s special to be higher. So it’s almost good bait.

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Disagree. Kageburado is very helpful against BK and Krampus too. For lower level players Amethrine is also very good to counter such tanks. So 3-2 green-purple is good vs Krampus tank.


Fair point, though in terms of the op’s Def, I don’t think having joon over Clarissa (and her and Odin sharing emblems) is going to vastly increase the number of people bringing purples Vs this team?

It’s a counter for sure, but every defence has one, I will think this is the best Def with the heroes/emblems available. Plus his Def is still undispensable and you’d need another dispeller to get rid of all the +50 attacks too

3-2 green purple sounds good overall though I would be worried about leaving so many yellows for Odin

Rigard - Kage - Almur - Caedmon - Lianna) (or Evelyn instead of Almur).
I think it is good 3-2 team vs Krampus)

So what if we put Ratatoskr in the defense? He will make all green tiles -57% attack. I don’t like the idea since I think it becomes too passive and I don’t really like healers on defense.

Something like:

Odin+18 - JF+12 - Krampus +18 - Ratatoskr+12, Joon+9

Im not sure about using Odin in the wing. I think he will do a better job as Flank. Hes tanky enough to stay there and bare some hits and eventually will fire earlier in the match.

I would use Clarissa over Rata depending the situation i think.(maybe rata in some war rules).

My logic behind this is that Clarissa and JF will add an extra preassure to the oponent who will need to be focused in two dangerous dot(he has to time the cleanser very well) though is doable it may not work always

in a vacuum:

Guarantee you’ll hang around 2500 and once emblems are up to respectable levels your 2600 all day. JF works too, but Krampus has the undispellable defense buff so you wont be reversing anything with JF while Kramp is active. I dont think at least.
You’ll want Odin in Flank and you want him on defense. Hes a raid-wrecker like Frigg.
Leave Rata at home for Titans and Offense. I see him in a raid lineup might as well paint a target on it.

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Trouble is they share emblems. That’s a major set back for team developement.

I’ve been running Kingston/GM/Krampus/Drake/C. Sartana and I’ve lost a lot more than I’ve won. Dropped me down to 2400 cups. People don’t seem to have trouble dealing with him. And yes, all heroes are fully emblemed.

Which was your tank before Krampus? Could he work better as flank?

My tank before Krampus was Kunchen. He did much better, and no one is really afraid of Kunchen. I’m leaving in Krampus for at least a few more days at tank to see if he does any better. So far, I’m not impressed with his tank performance.

Sad to hear that, in theory GM is one of Krampus best mates to prevent from a green stack. I suspect that greens now have more acess to both cleanse and dispel in caed and francine and not having a green flank allows the enemy to bring blue too.

Do you have Frigg? If so you can try flanking Krampus with her and cutting off Kingston

Nope, I don’t have Frigg.

My old defense was Finley/GM/Kunchen/Drake/Kingston. It did a LOT better. I could swap Kingston for Francine or C. Kadilen though(I’d have to max C. Kadilen).

Maybe the loses are due to the ausense of Finley. Hes that good that you dont need a wall (krampus) to win the matches with him. I would try with Francine as tank, GM amd krampus flanks and finley in the wing.

Maybe im wrong, but i think Krampus will work better as a flank than tanking.

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