Help, I'm drowning with heroes

My account is 3 months old and I’m drowning with choices to work with.
Atm I’m leveling :
Gretel, and I have Rana, Musashi, Wu Kong, Hu Tao, Arman and Jackal waiting.
Kiril, and Agwe, Gato, Boril and Triton waiting
Muggy, and Gadeirus, Kasshrek, Little John, Mnessus and Hisan waiting
Sabina, Seshat, Quintus, Gill-ra, Renfeld and Ameonna waiting
Falcon, and 2. Boldtusk, Colen, Kelile, Gormek and Namahage waiting.

I also have several heroes waiting matts as well as maxed ones.

What to do? Who to choose? I’m overwhelmed. Food I have a plenty and tc20 will be running in two weeks. 3* duplets and triplets are the to make sure I’m able to get full skill for those that’ll be maxed.

You’ve done very well for 3 months well done


What alliance are you in? Arent they helping you sweets? :heart:

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Unless you have the mats put Rana and especially Musashi to the back of the line. Do Wu then Jackal when you finish Gretel.

Gaderius then LJ

Kiril, Sonya, then triton for blue

Do to Quintinus and Seshat what was done to the 5* yellows. Sabrina then Ameonna

Falcon then Scarlett

You really should feed all but one of those extra 3*s you have.


Hello, very very nice roster for 3 month, 1st I suggest stop pull for a while, you have bunch of work to do to level.

Red: Falcon, Scarlett, Colen (if you prefer very fas tournament and hero variety), 2nd BT, Kelile
for *3: Namahage is good for your 3rd set red, and also you can keep dup Namahage.

Blue: Kiril, Sonya, finish Boril to 3.60
for *3: you have already 3x blue, but Gato is worth, even dup is also worth, but maximum 5x, I prefer only keep 2 of them if we are lack of heroes space. It will come back later if we do pull next time Atlantis.

Green: Gaderius, Little John, but switch if you get Melendor.
for *3: Muggy, Hissan and Mnneseus should be your next, all are great.

Yellow: finish Gretel, Wu Kong, Jackal, Chao
if you get Miki/Tarlak, you can skip Wu Kong.
for *3: Arman is great for your 3rd set (specially for very fast tournament)

Purple: Sabina, Tiburtus, Ameonna (very good for offense).
for *3: Gill-Ra is very good for your 2nd set, and Renfeld is food. So wait for Oberon / Tyrum / Cho-chin.

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In my honest opinion, I would put on hold levelling your 5* heroes for the time being.
Try maxing out 3 x 3* rainbow teams to help you get more mats in the trials etc.
For your current 4* roster I would look at levelling:
Gretel, Sonya, Tiburtus, G. Falcon, Boldtusk, G. Jackal, Triton, Gormek, Wu Kong, Kiril, Scarlett and Sabina
Good luck


Thank you everyone for answering. I had reasonably ok roster before today but nothing like now. I decided to go for Miki (any other blue hero would have been welcome) so I used my 200 Atlantis coins and got Gormek and Wu. Then I did a ten pull. Got Triton and second BT. Then I did another ten pull just because and it was madness, 5x4* and Musashi.

After that I decided to ask for help.

Edit: I have 4 x Damascus blade, 5x scope, 3x tonic, 4x rings, 3x darts, 2x tabards, 2x tomes, 3x compasses, 8x gloves, 2x hidden blades, 3x orbs, 6x shields, 4x trap tools and 2x capes so I’m able to max right now one dark 4star and one blue 4star hero.

My alliance helps me a lot, they are great. I’m happy to be there.

My thoughts exactly. This madness happened today with 2 ten pulls. RNG has smiled my acco also before, giving me more 5* that I can reasonably think of maxing any time soon and huge amount of great 4stars to play with.


I would suggest to stop summoning for quite awhile, at this point it’s a bit of a waste. All heroes will come back eventually.

For now work on leveling 3-4 rainbow teams of 3*
3-5 teams of rainbow 4*

These will help you gain ascension materials for 5* that you can work on after completing the above. 5* take so much time, feeders and materials that your game will suffer as you work on those. 3* heroes require no unfarmable mats to fully ascend and 4* are much quicker than 5*.

Think 30 fully maxed team for alliance wars and solid color stacks for titans.

I learned the hard way by having my very 1st summons being a 5*, wasted A LOT of time until I found these forums. I course corrected, leveled my 3* which helped me level my 4* which in turn helped me level my current 5*. It’s slow going for sure but much more enjoyable when you have a selection of maxed heroes to choose from instead of a couple half leveled 5’s.

Good luck, I have no doubt you’ve already received advice on which 3-4* to level for now. May RNGesus smile upon you!!

P.S quite and impressive roster for 3 months in. I’m jealous :joy:

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You can’t focus on a roster until you decide where you are going…raids, war or titan, etc.

What level titans are you fighting? Also, are you A, B or C loot?. Do you know what rare quests are?

That is an impressive roster for 3 months!

Who to work on? A lot depends on your needs and style of play.

First thing, though. Do you fight in AW? If so, work on three 3* rainbow teams. Then 3 4* rainbow teams. That gives you a solid starting point for the wars. I find having a variety of healers helps. You already have Belith and Hawkmoon maxed, which are the two 3* healers. You are weak in 3* dark (purple), but quite strong in 3* ice (blue). Rest are solid.

Second, do you fight titans? If so, one of the first 4* should be Wu Kong. He will help immensely with titan scores (although his usefulness elsewhere is debatable). Finish off Gretel first though, she’s almost maxed.

Third, what style of play do you prefer? Snipers to take out opponents one at a time? Hit all to wear them down over time? Do you stack colours for better gem hit damage? Do you like using the utility heroes that buff or debuff? How you prefer to play will determine what type of heroes you prefer to use, and thus which ones to work on. This is more important as you move up in the game and face harder opponents. It is good to have a coherent strategy and not just trust to blind luck and hope. As you gain experience you will often find yourself using a mixture of styles depending on the capabilities of the opponent you are facing.

Note, I don’t have Muggy but he is apparently a fun hero to play with once you figure out how to use him. Something to put on the back burner f or now though, like your 5* heroes.

Nevermind the roster, impressive leveling progress for 3 months! I am also 3 months in with a similar number of heroes but don’t have as many 4*s leveled. Which TCs do you usually run and where do you farm recruits?

As a person who had this exact same problem, my suggestion is to stop pulling and begin to level one rainbow at a time…one hero of each color. That way, you build your defense team first, and complete 5 heroes. Then, move on to the next rainbow. This has worked tremendously for me, I only sometimes get confused on which hero should go before the other in a specific color, but since I followed this along with advice from other players about heron choices, I’m have 10 4* heroes maxed even some with emblems, a couple of 5s to 3/70, and I’m currently working on my 3rd rainbow.

@jinbatsu is great on hero selection, he actually helped me initiate leveling heroes in order and the proof is in the pudding :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend putting together a team with the heroes you are focusing on leveling. I find it helps me organize what I am doing very well. I use team 2 for that, as it shows up pretty highly in the order. I find not having to think about “which one am I working on” while on the phone helps. You could also do this for further teams with second priority heroes,etc, but I use a spreadsheet for that.

I’d focus on the following in each color:

Yellow: Finish off Gretel, then get Rana to 2.60 and park her there. Then work on Wu. He helps massively with titans. Then Guardian Jackal, who helps massively with purple titans.

Green: Muggy #1. I’d be willing to feed one of the duplicate Muggy cards to him, but not more. You may want a lot of him, for sheer amusement value. Also, he’ll be easy to finish off. Then re-evaluate, I like Kashhrek & Little John, but you may have other options by then.

Red: Finish up Guardian Falcon to 3.60 (or 4.70 if you can) then it depends. Other than a 2nd Boldtusk, I could see doing any of the reds at the end next. I’d lean Kellie or Namahage, but it’s up to your play style.

Blue: If you can get Kiril to 4.70, great. If not, get him to 3.60. Then Boril to 3.60 and max out a Gato in some order. Again, you can feed a couple Gato’s to the first one as needed.

Purple: Sabina to 3.60, or 4.70 if you can. Then, Seshat to 3.70, since she’s already ascended. You can get Seshat to 3.70 before taking Sabina to 4.70 if you prefer, and if you draw Rigard, he fits in as the #3 option.

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I run 2 x tc11 and third training camp runs mainly with swords and adventures kits, and if I’m out then it’s tc11 also. Fourth is soon level 20, but I really don’t know I’m going to try to get any new 5* heroes soon. Maybe tc11 is my choice there too, with some bouts of tc19 with fast training and rugged clothes. I have over 200 days worth of recruits in tc11 so that is not a problem.

I mainly raid 8-7 season1, and when Atlantis raises it’s 1-9 normal there. I’ll try to get as much of kits and swords as possible and save all my WE bottles during the month to be used there. It means that I can run tc1 and tc2 trainings over 2 weeks 24/7 every month.

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I do the same and I never run out of swords or kits but I always run out of recruits even though I farm as much as possible during atlantis rises. So I end up switching all three camps to TC11 shortly after the atlantis event. My 300 trainings from my third TC11 quickly depletes into 20 trainings.

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Let me start with a repeat of some general advice I just gave in another thread:


  1. Unleveled heroes aren’t very effective. Keep your Training Camps working 24/7 to churn out 1* and 2* “feeders” that you’ll use to level your core heroes. Use TC2 as much as you can; have TC11 (or TC4) running when you’re out of backpacks. TC1 is okay as a faster option to TC11/4.
  2. Work on leveling 5 heroes at a time, one of each color. Give blue feeders to the blue hero-in-training, yellow to yellow, etc. Doing so gives a 20% bonus on the experience and 100% bonus on odds of increasing the special skill level.
  3. Work to get Training Camp 20 built and running. This is the most reliable (and only free) source of 4* and 5* heroes to build your bench.
  4. Build a core of 3* heroes first, then work on 4*. 4* heroes will be the backbone of your team for a year or more. Building up from 3*s will give you enough firepower to get reasonably far through all the rare quests, class trials, raid tournaments, and challenge events, and to do well on titans. Accomplishing these goals well is how you get the rare ascension materials you’ll need to ascend your 4* and 5* heroes to the top tiers.
  5. Any 5* heroes you get should be treasured but left to one side until later–they are tremendously costly to level up, in terms of food, feeders, and rare ascension mats.
  6. Level a hero up to at least the top of the 3rd ascension before shifting focus. Heroes below that mark aren’t very effective.

In your case, here’s what I’d do:

3* builds

  • Purple: [none]
  • Yellow: [none, or maybe Arman]
  • Blue: Gato. Strong hitter, nice shield against status effects
  • Green: Muggy! He’s great and fun
  • Red: [none]

4*/5* builds

  • Purple: Seshat (since you’ve already ascended her) to 3/70, then Tibertus.
  • Yellow: Wu Kong then Guardian Jackal. Wu is the master of titans; Jackal is the only -holy debuff in the game and a strong, very fast sniper. One of mine is at +19
  • Blue: Kiril then Triton. Kiril is a hugely valuable support, who not only heals and buffs but also removes -attack and -defense ailments. Valuable even when you’re mostly at the 5* level.
  • Green: Gadeirus or Kashhrek for tank position.
  • Red: G. Falcon then Scarlett. Falcon is a great setup hero, with his unique -fire debuff. You need another fire hero to come in behind and spike the ball over the net, and Scarlett will do that nicely. Gormek is not a priority given that you have Wilbur.

Key gaps (4*)

I’d be running TC20 in the hopes of getting: Rigard, Sabina, and Melendor. More healers is useful for Alliance Wars. One healer per team is really helpful, or even one “real” healer plus a utility healer (like Kiril and Boldtusk).

Hope that helps!


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