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I had a very difficult year like mostly everyone of us did. My mom turned 80 on Friday. So due to lockdown and other problems I won’t be able to be with her even this Christmas. Haven’t seen her a year now. No flights. So my best friend, she knows how much I love this game, gave me a special gift for cheer up. Now I have more than 6000 Diamonds. Now what would you do?? Christmas, Valhalla, Costume event. Or stock up food, iron… I don’t know. But for the summon what would you do and why? Thanks in advance.

I suggest for valhalla, better chance to get s3 heroes than s1 heroes

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Hey, great gift!

I’d try Christmas and Valhalla, with 6000 gems you can do a 10x in each portal, unless you expect to have 3000 diamonds again next month, if that’s the case, I’d go all in Christmas, since it’s only once every year.

However, don’t expect too much from those summons, chances are you won’t get one single legendary hero in those 2 summons.

Nevertheless, chances are high you will at least receive a couple of 4*, and Christmas and Valhalla have some very good ones.

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And if you go for Christmas, note that you can pull either in January or December depending on which hero of the month you would prefer.

Unless you have a lot of the Valhalla heroes, I would go for Valhalla. Then you have a great chance of getting some really good 4* heroes. And of course, if you’re lucky, the valhalla 5* heroes are also top of the game.

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Personally, if it was me, I would wait for all the new costumes and do that event with a chance for th3 new Leonidas and Marjana etc
Nice gift, Good luck with the gems


i agree with you i will just all in my gems in new costumes…surely for those 2 u mentioned above…

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Thank you very much for your opinions and help. I’ll try Christmas and Costumes. Valhalla I have the 3’s and 4’s already. I would love to catch Mother North, Buddy, Heimdall and Baldur or Lady Loki. I try to manage to summon at all 3 of them. Someone in my alliance said I should put it all in Legends. But I’m good with Legends. I got Delilah from there. Best ever happened to me. So nope I’m fine lol And I don’t care about the Ninjas. I have the purple 4* so she’s also enough for me :slight_smile:

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