Help I need help with my account

GUYS I lost my account and can’t text because everytime I text no one sees it someone help me get it back PLEASE

Contact game Support directly:

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thanks for the flag Rook! moved to correct category as per request.

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Developers! Can you please tell us how to keep progress on Facebook? I saved it on Google Play before, now I turn to iOS, but the data, of course, can not be transferred (((
Very sorry for the levels and denezhek that invested ((Can you help me anything?
Thank you in advance!

@Coppersky - Does this second request need to be split? Want the second poster to get help. :slight_smile:


As Rook replied earlier in this thread, the best way for you to get help is to contact support directly. Small Giant will be able to help you switch platforms (from Android to iOS).

the link is:

I hope you’re up and running again soon!

Hi guys, I’m a new user and I’m sorry for my English. I don’t know how may I transfer my account from my old iPad to my new iPad. When I start the game on my old iPad it says if I wish confirm my old account or if I wish transfer the new account on my new iPad. When I start the game on my new iPad it load only the new account. Why?? I only wish to transfer my old account on my new iPad and I’ve used Game Center but the problem is unsolved. Please help me. Thanks a lot. Andrea

Your best bet is to submit a support ticket in game. They should be able to help you migrate your account

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