Help. I’m an up and comer

I have only played since May and largely F2P. I play a few hours a day so I’m coming up nicely. Until last week I had only gotten Sartana and Joon as 5 stars. Then I got Lady Loki on the last day of Valhalla in my first ever 10 pull. Then on first day of Christmas I got Rueben and Santa back to back. So. Who do I level for Red.

Rueben. Santa. Or Lady Loki.

Depends on you roster and your resources.

Each of those 5* offers something different In all honesty

Lady Loki is by far the most versatile.

Santa is an okay tank at lower levels, but does very poor damage.

Reuben is too new to say, but I think he’s second tier at best.

But, honestly, unless you have enough 4s for war, I’d invest resources there first.

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Lady Loki 1st
Reuben 2nd
And if nothing fast or average show up before you get here Santa 3rd.

Reuben it’s fantastic to give you time to manipulate the board, cutting in half the trouble of fire, posoin, and others status ailments, but Lady Loki has more damagem, fighter talent, she’s perfect everywhere.

Maybe not a popular answer… But depending on your 4 star depth, you might want to focus on 4 stars first. Not sure exactly where you are in the game, but given the few 5 stars you mention having, you might be better served by building your 4* depth. I know it’s hard to ignore the “shiny new toys” you just got, but 4*s are a lot quicker to level and you’ll get more immediate use for wars, events, etc


Thanks. I think I’m ready to work on the 5 stars. I have BT at +20 and Gormak,Kellie,Shadereeve and Colen at 3/60.

I also have 5 3* hero’s at 3/50.

It’s up to you, but I’d take a few more heroes to 4-70 first. Especially Gormek if you don’t have many other defense down heroes maxed. Wilbur is much better, but since you’re F2P, getting Wilbur is far from a sure thing

^ THIS! a 4* hero at 4-70 is far more beneficial for players getting their stride than a 5* stuck at 3-70
Stats are better more often than not (meaning your survivability is better)
plus you can add with emblems it puts them even further ahead of the pack.

“You can’t build a great building with a weak foundation.”


Welcome to the forum.
It be nice if you can show some screen shots of your rosta. As can give a better advice to see the whole picture as maybe some 3* or 4* to level first will help you better in the long term.

Honestly as a new player you can run way too fast for yourself in this game.
If you are in it for the long term think of you participating in a marathon race rather than a speed sprint.
You need to max out three x 3* rainbow teams and then four x 4* rainbow teams before you focus on 5* heroes.
The lower maxed heroes are far better than a 5* stuck at 3/70 and it will be your 3* and 4* max heroes that help you progress and help you get the mats to develop your roster.
With regards to your question, you will get a more informed answer if you could show your current roster.
But at face value:
Santa is an ok Tank in the medium term.
Lady Loki - is a really good versatile hero.
Rueben is too new. I got him too but not sure yet if he is worth the mats or better to wait for stronger 5* Red
Whatever you do - good luck

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This is what I have. Or at least the top 45. I have leveled 3* to 3/50 in Blue Red and Almost Yellow.

Thanks for any advice. Am I eager to get started on Glenda and the Red 5*. Yes. But if it is not the right thing to do I won’t. The more advice the better


So. I included screen shots of my roster. I have three sets to gloves. If I am going to focus on maxing out 4* hero’s. Who get them.

I have Rigard Costume, Hansel, Hu Tao, Li Xiu, BoldTusk, Melandor and Sonya all at 4/70.

Lots of other at 3-60! Which three get the gloves. Kiril is Not there yet but will be by the end of AR of not before

I’d do Kiril gormek ceadom and costume. Finish satarna then tibs.
Yellow wu prob be Ok on titans but gullinbust and mist there I see I’d do mist first then the boar they def worth maxing

Peters grim colen also good. Its good to have a solid 4* bench as when events come around you can complete them to get mats for 5* hero’s for the future.

Ok for purple finish Sartana, Rigard costume and then do Tiburtus.
Red - Gormek and Sumle
Blue - Kiril, Grimm, Boril
Yellow - Gullinbursti, Mist, Wu Kong
Green - Caedmon and Peters
Good luck
For your 4* Tank you can go with Boril, Boldtusk, C.Rigard or Li Xiu.
Use Santa for your 5* Tank

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